Friday, October 07, 2005


While my mom was visiting the last week, we were able to take lots of pictures. I noticed while taking one of the pictures that my Mom had some B.O!!! (body odor) Now I realize that we live in Hawaii and you sweat more here, so I did not think anything of it, but after my Mom left hawaii, I noticed that the BO smell was still lingering around. In fact, I noticed it about the same time I had to change my clothes in the afternoon to go to my aerobics class. I was struck by the oddity of the situation considering, I had not yet worked out and I don't seem to have a BO problem. In fact, I haven't bought deoderint since 2003! You see, I just don't stink a lot. I sweat, but it doesn't stink. I like to think that I smell fragrant. Well it came to my attention as I sat in class today, after all the stinky football players left, that the room still smelled like B.O.!!! Confused, I lifted my arm and realized that the smell was wafting out of my own armpit! Can you believe that?!? I have B.O. I was confused and I didn't know what to do. REally!!! I have never had B.O. in my life! I only ever wore deoderint because I like the flower smell, but not because I was hiding a stinky smell. What do people with B.O. do? Dazed, by the smell, confused, and shocked, I called Mark at home. He wisely noted that it was time for me to start using deoderint. Note: I wrote this blog because I feel that a chapter in my life has just ended and I am embarking on a whole new journey...of stink. Please share any advise that you can muster. And for the record, I don't think it was my mom that had the B.O. I think it was actually me.


Nikki said...

Well, take it from me, the stinker of all stinkers, Dove deoderant is the way to go. It seems like I build an immunity to some deoderants. But not Dove. It's the best. And you can use it immediately after shaving your underarms without irritation. I have had plenty of experience with deoderants. As Mom can recall, I've been using it since I was nine.

leanordbrinick34486372 said...

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Troy said...

I'll hold my tongue on the topic of the day. Actually, I won't. It may just be your diet. If I recall right, people who eat less beef products have less BO issues. You need to stick to the Spam as it is primarily pork!

Johnson Journal said...

Lady Speed Stick, Orchard Blossom scent. I've used it for years, and now Justin and all his brothers use it. They claim they can go days without re-applying or showering and they still smell okay. (I prefer to shower daily.) I love your blog! I still want to come visit!

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