Friday, August 12, 2005

First Hawaiian Early Morning Beach Walk

We woke up our first morning and walked out on the Laie beach. Henry enjoyed running in the sand and finding crabs.

George and Henry enjoyed visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. They are pictured here fishing near the Tahitian village. George was they only one to catch a fish. George's fish was about 5 inches long. He was shocked to find that the tugging end of his line beheld a "fishy." This picture shows Henry, George and their cousin Ikaika fishing into the Polynesian Cultural Center manmade river.

Here we are enjoying the Laie beach. These pictures were taken near my sister's house

Our Little Local Boys


Leslie said...

Okay, my bags are packed and I'm ready to come join the L&L life! Oh wait, I have to give birth if a few weeks. Sigh - maybe next year. The photos are great - take lots more so I can vicariously live in paradise through you guys.

Amy said...

It all looks and sounds so wonderful!. Hopefully we will get to come and visit you soon. Your boys have grown so fast!
Love - Amy

Aunt Dot said...

Smokey is NOT a SHE! He is a neutered male. Sorry, just couldn't help trying to set you straight AGAIN! ;-)

Aunt Dot

i'm erin. said...

Aunt Dot,

Pleeeeaaaassseeeee, She was a she when I got her so it doesn't matter if she was once a he because I never knew her as a he.

Nikki said...

we don't talk about Smokey's sex change anymore.

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