Wednesday, August 17, 2005


On Monday, our family went to the little beach down the hill from where we live. The clouds drifted away and the sun shined down on our little cove. Unfortunately, that peace was dashed away with the torrid screams from my 4 year old son. He had just entered the water when his body went rigid and he began screaching at the top of his lungs. Panicked, Mark and I quickly wisked him out of the water to find the remnants of a Chinese Manowar clinging to his upper right arm. The long tail of the Manowar had wrapped itself around his arm. We cleaned him off and considered peeing on him, but opted for other over-the-counter medicinal measures. He is doing fine now but we wanted to show the picture of his arm. You can see where the tail of the manowar stung his arm.

A manowar is a relative of the Jelly Fish. It resembles a piece of grape bubblegum that has been blown into a bubble and has a long thread thin tail of the same color. Mostly manowar float harmlessly near the shore of the ocean, but if you come in contact with them, it can feel like *%#@!!!


Leslie said...

Okay - that is a FREAKY story! Those things give me the heebee geebees! Poor George - give him a hug for me. (But by the way, aren't they Portuguese, not Chinese?)

Nikki said...

Portuguese? Sausage? Mmmm grape bubble gum. Now, sausage flavored bubble gum, THAT would give me the heebee geebees.

Haley Hale said...

Since we don't have manowar in Tennessee, I don't know about treatment for stings... would you really pee on him?

Nikki said...

That wasn't me that posted that. That was Dak Rat Dan. But ya, aren't they Portuguese Manowar? I remember hideously painful incidences with those. Maybe it was just one incident.

i'm erin. said...

Ok, I have to make a recall. I was mistaken and a little bit prejudiced. They are Portuguese and not Chinese manowar!

And since that blog, George has been stung one more time!

Troy said...

Peeing really works. I did the duty on myself one time. The pain was gone immediately. At the age of eight I learned a new respect for my urine!

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