Monday, January 05, 2015

The Thing of it Is

There was a man in my neighborhood who proudly wore a graying mullet and started every other sentence with the phrase "The thing of it is...". 

I never actually knew what It was, but somehow his ramblings sort of made sense. And that folks is what I hope you get from this blog post--sense for the new year. 

I'm not much for writing new year's goals. The thing of it is, I stopped a few years ago because I never actually completed most of my resolutions. Why start something you won't finish, right? I was in a bad mood slump. I was a negative Nancy.

My crazy-arse bestie, Jessie convinced me to cut up a few magazines and then paste the remnants on a board. A vision board, she called it. (Cue Yoda voice)
I took the board home, shoved it in my closet just above my wall of shoes. Every now and then I looked at it and saw my meshed list. If anyone else came across it they'd probably think it was really silly. But I never threw it away. It was a daily reminder of where I wanted to be. Of where I could be if I kept moving forward a little bit at a time.

Over the last year, half of what I pasted on that board happened.

1. I had a successful photography year, having traveled to 7 different states to capture wedding and family photography. 

2. My first non-fiction photography book was released in December!!! Check it out! CLICKOLOGIE

3. I signed with mega-awesome literary agent, Josh Adams. 

4. I've been healthy and happy since slipping my dad the old kidney. 

5. My kids are perfect in every way and they never fight or stink....ok, so this is a bit of a stretch.

THE THING OF IT IS I'm here to testify, ya'll, that cut-and-paste wishes really do come true. For 2015 you should pull out all your old and new magazines and start cutting away. Paste those pics down to a board or a box or a wall or a door and start visualizing your way to success and happiness. Everything we do starts with our thoughts. Positive thoughts move us forward. What you want to happen can happen. 

If anything, my message is to be positive. 
Always know how much you can accomplish and you WILL accomplish. 
Everything else will follow. 


Just SO said...

The thing of it is...
you are awesome.
I am trying to figure out how to do this with the only magazines that are in our home...the Ensign, New Era and The Friend. They could make a pretty awesome board.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's awesome, Erin! Wow, you gave your father a kidney? What an incredible gift.

prerna pickett said...

sweet! Sounds like things are really coming together. Here's hoping 2015 is even better!

Elana Johnson said...

What if one doesn't have magazines or anything? I refused to have stuff like this around. Ha! Maybe I'll do it digitally.

JoMamma said...

When I set a goal I use my old friends saying "Twice up the barrell and once down the side". Then I am sure to succeed.

Jessie Humphries said...

Vision boards are MAGIC. It's the power of positive images/thought. But I'm pretty sure we both need a new one for 2015 and beyond...

Tammy Theriault said...

I've always wanted to start a vision board. But, I would tend to just post hotties all over it for drooling purposes. Would I have same outcome? Probably not...

Nikki said...

Very seriously considering it. It's really a good idea making a visual reminder!

Emily R. King said...

I'm a visual learner, so in-my-face inspiration usually has the biggest effect. Maybe I'll have to follow your lead with that vision board.... said...

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