Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Five...leaving on a jet plane

I'm leaving on a jet plane, 
On Monday I'll be back again, 
The place I'm going is not a vacay top five, 
For plot settings, though, it might just jive!

 TOP Five Locations for Setting in a Book:

Hawaii's mythological history in a picturesque place,
Makes the perfect backdrop for a story well-paced.

The Sahara is a desert that's more dead than alive,
Already I spot conflict into which characters will dive.

Beth Revis wrote a book about great outer space,
Since then I've wanted to try my hand at an alien race.

But if Earth is my target, then I can't forget Africa,
A story about the wild where there is no traffic-a (I're killing me smalls)

Last no matter the season, Alaska is a unique sight.
freakishly cold, but full of beauty like northern lights.

What are your favorite pics for story location?


Angela Cothran said...

I have a thing for overgrown forests. I seems like anything could happen there.

Shallee said...

I've got some fun pictures of crazy locations to use as settings. And my next book features both Africa and outer space...sort of. It'll be fun!

Jessie Humphries said...

I like beaches the best. For me all roads lead to the beach! What the H r u doing in Colorado that u can't Fo in Vegas? U sucketh.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I've been writing places that don't actually exist. I'm thinking I need to plan my settings based on places I want to vacation, just so I can go there for "research!" Beach for me, please.

And oh, wait! Dang! I was going to hop on that plane with you!

Jenny S. Morris said...

These are all really cool places. I hope you have fun on your jet plane.

Trying to write about locations I've never been to make me nervous. I don't want it to come off wrong. But I'm going to tackle England with the help from a CP that has lived there.

Have fun on your trip!

Angela Brown said...
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Angela Brown said...

Those are some wonderful settings, but an urban setting can provide several things: shadows from which creatures can appear, the same shadows they can vanish into, tall skyscrapers with multiple floors of conflict opportunity, abandoned buildings where secrets lie in wait.

Patti said...

I lean towards forests and mountains, lots of dark places and hidden caverns.

Angie said...

I love outer space! Or making up my own places to set stories.

JoMamma said...

I'm thinking about writing some romance novel, so my bedroom.

I sure hope you cracked up because I thought that was funny.

Iain said...

You picked some great places,
But you must understand.
You forgot the best,
That's little England! ;o)

Janet Johnson said...

Fun question. I think I like a nice small podunk town where everyone knows everyone. :)

Emily R. King said...

Great pictures! I noticed none of them were cities, but I liked that. The metropolitan setting is way overdone.

Enjoy your trip!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Safe travels! And obviously outer space is my favorite.

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

Oh, great examples. Very diverse.

I don't know if I have a favorite, really. The favorite I've ever WRITTEN was a tropical climate. Hurray palm trees.

And... are you really getting on a jet?

Megan said...

Gorgeous pics!! I know it's a cliche but I always love stories that are set in New York!

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

Kate said...

I'm so boring that most of my books take place where I live. Maybe next time I'll try for somewhere exotic.

Sarah Tokeley said...

Everything I write seems to be set in a busy town or city.

Jessica G. said...

I am a fan of old places. Either an ancient, wild forest or ruins almost blending into their surroundings, or old houses that have been in the family for generations.

Alleged Author said...

I love anything in Ireland or Scotland. There's something about those "land" places...LOL!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful and interesting places. I'm a big space fan so that location may be the winner.