Monday, December 26, 2011

Secret 20 of 100

When I was 8 I didn't get a Barbie for Christmas. 
The parents that I thought loved me, didn't bring Diva from Barbie and the Rockers, the Barbie I had asked for over and over and over again. 
No, they bought me Skipper--Barbie's lame-A friend. 

Can you imagine the utter despair and heartache I felt? The disappointment? The near-end-of-the-world-ness?
That wrenching feeling still haunts my heart even now. 
I smiled to hide the frown. (Lie) 
I shed no tears. (Bigger LIE) 
And not once did I speak of the pain in my heart. (Truth. I didn't complain once. I spilled my grievances until those parents caved.) My sadness must've been apparent despite how I tried to hide my disappointment.  

Imagine my surprise when my mom said, "I know your birthday is in a few days, but would you like your present now?"
The tears vanished. "Yes. Now!" I demanded smiled.

Mom returned with a massive box. 
I'll admit I wasn't thrilled. Clearly it wasn't Diva. But as I peeled away the layers of wrapping paper, I saw that the present was even better. My parents loved me after all! They gave me the three-story barbie mansion, complete with the pink convertible car for Barbie and Ken. Life was good. A mansion was better than Diva. I was happy. 

And now my secret is: I always want my birthday presents early. I wan't them NOW! 
Not on the day of my actual birthday. That would be late. 

And since I'm spilling secrets, I might as well tell you that I convinced my mom to hand over my presents yesterday. That's right, folks. One white-haired woman down, the rest of you all to go. So if you have a present for me, I WANT IT NOW! 


Kami said...

My present for you is out on the walk way...try to pick it up, I dare you. :)

Brekke said...

In that case, you're late with mine. My birthday is today. But I don't care, cause I wish people wouldn't remember my birthday. I just want to hide under a rock until the 27th envy year.

Jessie Humphries said...

Am I slow...or is today ur birthday? Okay, I just checked Facebook and it IS ur birthday! I will give u a six pack of dc, mms, and some luvin at LTUE...u down?

tammy said...


Peggy Eddleman said...

Wow, Erin! This makes me totally want to bring you your present early!


Jessica G. said...

Happy birthday, Erin! Maybe in honor of your birthday, I'll attempt to survive one of your classes… :)
(And if you decide to go for karate, we have a pass for one month of free classes so you can try it out!)

Cristina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Tokeley said...

Happy Birthday Erin :-)

Jenny S. Morris said...

Happy Birthday. Your present is in the mail. ;0) I hope you have a great day.

Jennie Bennett said...

lol! I got skipper once too, lame-0. Happy birthday!

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

Ha ha. I think it would be hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas...

Chelsea said...

Haha this is so funny! I'm glad that you weren't traumatized by the barbie incident!

Alexis Bass said...

Instant gratification - I totally get that. :) Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Leigh Covington said...

LOL! Erin, you ROCK! And I totally forgot about Barbie and the ROCKERS! Oh- the memories! I like getting my presents early too! SO... HAPPY EARLY (?) BIRTHDAY?!

Precy Larkins said...

Happy Birthday, Erin! Barbies rock...well, 20some years ago anyway. ;) The only time I got a Barbie and it wasn't my birthday was when I was 7-1/2 and in the hospital with a broken leg. Yep, I still feel slightly guilty about it but hey, I really, really wanted one!

Enjoy your early presents! <3

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Erin, You make me laugh so hard!

My dream was always for the Barbie mansion. Never got it though. BUT, my grandma made me any clothes I wanted. I went for princess dresses and capes. They were pretty sweet!

Sara B. Larson said...

Happy almost birthday! You are too funny. What did your mom give you? Does Mark give in, too? ;) So, you are writing eh? When do you want to get together? Let's make it happen!! Also, Kynlee turned 6 mo's old today, so I need you to shoot her sometime soon. I want to surprise trav with some pics. :) Also... did you ever read a certain book...?? said...

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