Friday, November 04, 2011

friday five - distractions

I had one of those weeks that passed in a flash,
not much accomplished but I'm bent that won't last
Distractions, good and bad, snagged me everyday,
And my poor NANO goals slipped far away

First, I shot my girl because she turned three.
What an extravaganza that turned out to be.
One hour stretched into many to draw out her smile,
No NANO that day because I was shooting for awhile.

When I had a chance to sit down and write,
blasted halloween candy called with all it's might.
The devil chocolate calls, rendering me a useless hack.
It's a relentless draw until I snack, snack, snack. 

And when I'm not shoving my face full of candy,
I've twiddled hours away doing nothing dandy. 
(That's a lame-butt rhyme, lamer than lame,
But so is hours on facebook stalking random names.)

Serenity Now! I need a break from facebook.
Instead of writing, I read Colleen Hueck's latest book. 
I should've been typing but I couldn't resist,
a story of two hottie boys and girl like a princess.

It all boils down to a load of stress.
Little distractions that kept me doing so much less.
Less than I wanted, but I now vow that will end,
NANO if it kills me, 50,000 words will be my friend.

How was your first week of Nano? Good or Bad?
Are you taking part in all the insanity to be had?
If not, how was your week and what did you do?
Please tell me you ate candy, so I don't feel like a big poo.


Brekke said...

Nano is slow for me, but honestly I am doing better than last year. I think I did 3k for the whole months last year, but I am already at 2800 after 3 days. I'll fight it with you. We will conquer the Nano!

Cristina said...

I'm not doing NaNo this year.. good luck! you can do it... and your little girl is absolutely beautiful.

Jessie Humphries said...

Oh I ate candy allright! I got the jowels and the thighs to prove it...Happy Birthday to Rue Bear!

Kristine said...

You've written more than me! ;)

Abby Fowers said...

LMAO! Oh my gosh. "a big poo!" bahaha! My favorite line. I ate candy - and then I threw a bunch away. I'm sick of my kids eating nothing else. Yes - I am the worlds meanest mom!

BTW- your daughter is darling! Great pic. Happy b-day to her!

I'm not doing NaNo- but still writing and working on papers for school too. No fun.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I love you Erin. That poem made my day.

prerna pickett said...

that outfit is adorbs! Good luck with getting back on track next week, there's still plenty of time left in November.

Jennie Bennett said...

Your little girl is a doll!! Seriously cute. I've eaten way too much candy, and right now I'm working on a caramel apple, oi vey. I'm not technically doing nano, but I've written 8,000 words so I feel pretty good. Hope you can find your ying/yang and do well for nano!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Your little girl is SOOO cute. And she looks like you.

I ate candy, while revising. No facebook stalking this week.

The cover of that book looks so enticing.

Katie Dodge said...

Oh, darn you candy and your enticing ways! I think I need it every time I sit down at the computer. And you're daughter is beautiful! I love your background too. :)

Annalise Green said...

WOW that photo of your daughter is amazing - love the clothes - and she is adorable! Sounds to me like it was a fun week even if the word count wasn't what you wanted. There's always the weekend and next week!

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

CUTE kid. And props on the Seinfeld reference.

Sara B. Larson said...

She is SO dang cute. She must marry one of my boys, okay? ;) THink of all the fun we'd have as in-laws!! I am doing NaNo this year, Stacey twisted my arm. So friend me back, okay?

intern marie said...

Dang! Too bad you did't have your amazing intern to help make ruby smile! I miss you guys!

Iain said...

I see you found the time,
To type another rhyme.
And now I have to go,
to do some more NaNo :o)

i'm erin. said...

Iain, I hope you always write me poems!

Precy Larkins said...

Oh Erin, you are a natural poet!!


And your little girl is sooo bee-yu-ti-fullll. Like mommy, eh?

Nano is making me push my limit every day. I'm writing lots, which means, I'm blogging and tweeting less. It's ok, though.

Good luck! And yes, we ate candy. Feel better, now? ;) said...

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