Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secret 3 of 100

3:100 thumbs up

I hitch-hiked on the North Shore of Hawaii. It was an unpleasant experience and not one that I would suggest anyone try. First, you never know who's going to stop. It could be a total stinker of a person...and then what? You have to share a small vehicular space with someone that smells so bad your nose hairs singe. Pee-You! I'm not saying that happened to me. It was the opposite in fact. A super nice man picked up me and my friends, and then drove us to where we were going...somewhere he actually worked. He took us right back to BYU-Hawaii. He told us that we should be safer and just pay the .75 cents to ride the bus. (Yeah, I'm cheap.) But he also explained to us the dangers. And he said enough to scare me witless. So no more thumbing a ride for me.

But that never stopped me from using a buddy pass.

Mark and I used a buddy pass to head over to Hawaii for my Grandma's funeral and an awesome wedding shoot. Unfortunately last night when we went to the airport and saw the backed up system of people trying to fly standby, we realized we couldn't buddy pass it back to Utah. So with a lot of prayer we were able to find an affordable one-way ticket home. So good bye Hawaii...we'll see when we venture into the buddy pass world again.

Aloha, erin


A. said...

I'm glad to hear you are finally headed home with a for sure ride! :)

I'd be pretty shocked about the hitch hiking except that I've done it before...twice! Eek! Young and naive was not a good combonation!

i'm erin. said...

Ha Amy, I knew you were a rebel.

A. said...

(oops - after thinking about it, it was 3 times.)

Shari said...

It sounds like you had an awesome adventure in Hawaii. Welcome home.

That is a beautiful post-card-worthy picture of you and your sweetheart. You should try to sell it. ;)

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