Tuesday, April 05, 2011

hairy situation.

This is my husband, Mark:
Hairy? Yes.
Why? Simply because I cut his hair and I haven't had time to do so in the last year. So Mark got to embrace the 70's and grow out his wavy fro (as pictured above).

So, this last week I figured, why not really rock the 70's look. After a little persuasion, he was shorn like a sheep, sampsoned like Delilah would want it, de-hair-i-fied to look like this:

Oh yeah, baby! That's hotness for you.
But his serious man-ness was a little overwhelming after about 30 seconds, so we cut the rest off and now here's the new and improved Mark:

Which "look" do you like best?
a. 70's Fro
b. Mullet Man
c. Clean Cut Mark

I'm leaning toward Mullet Man.
Throw in a wife-beater top and a dirty old truck and he'd have some serious Mullet style.

luv, erin


Kristine said...

C. Even though he looked good in A.

Peggy said...

As much as I loved the thoughtful mullet look, I'm going to have to say C, too.

lovin' my 6 said...

My vote is split between A and C. He just looks good.

Krystal said...

I really like the mullet! I'm surprised you didn't take him out to your awesome truck and really take advantage of the whole look.

A. said...

I don't know, I'm kinda liking the mullet!

The Goff Family said...

Jonathan totally thinks Mark is rockin the mullet!

Shelby said...

I like them all. Mark would probably look good bald.

Kayleen said...

A or C

Nikki said...

I don't know what it is, but the second picture reminds me of a guy I used to date. HAHAHAHA ahem. I like the clean cut best.

SummShine said...

70's man all the way!

Sara said...

I always prefer the clean shaven look, but A was pretty good lookin' too. I can't believe he let you post all those pics, particularly the 80s arm in the air one. I think Trav would have died, and he's not a shy person. Ha ha. ;)

Grandma Ruby said...

I liked all but A is my fav. Of course we love Mark any old way and I agree he would look good bald.

So much Love! said...

Being a fan of "hair" myself I would have to go with A. If you can pull off the length with some waves than you might as well flaunt it!

Tiff 'n' Tuks said...

A! He could be a movie star!

Debra Youngstrom said...

Clean cut Mark is soooo cute. But really little bro. you don't have to go so long without a cut, your big sis is 5 min. away from your job and she has a license to cut.

Haley Hale said...

Okay, being from Tennessee, I can appreciate a good mullet when I see one, but they are still seriously SO gross! I vote for C, but he gets extra points for rockin' the redneck hair so well.

sanaejames photography said...

mark..i think i have to say that i really like A...you really rocked it out--and i can't say that the longer hair looks good on a lot of guys, but it looked great on you brotha!

Melissa Palmer said...

Mark you went from Calvin Klein model, to Billy Ray Cyrus to Tom Cruise look-alikes in a matter of a few cuts. Amazing!

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