Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I try really hard not to label my kids, at least not while they're listening. I don't want them to think that's how they should always be. For example: if I said, "George is my shy child."
I would feel like a fail-mom if he never made any friends because of his tendency towards being shy.

But, since my kiddos hardly read this blog, I feel I can spurt about anything on here without them knowing. Mom-Of-The-Year goes to me, I know. I pretty much dropped that award in my pocket years ago.

So let me just say, my kiddos are gloriously different from one another.
Sometimes I love it. Other times, not so much.

The other day I overheard Henry say to George:
 "Hey Georgie, what happens when you're feeling really grateful for something, but you really have to toot?"

Did your eye brows just screw together in a "Did I seriously just hear that?"
Mine certainly did.

Henry's answer: "You have a gratitoot!"

I'm not going to lie, a laugh burst from my lips and I thought to myself, that kid is definitely mine.
I'm so grateful to have Henry. He's clever, witty, charming and always fun.

Happy eight years old, kiddo!


Nikki said...

HAHAHA!! Oh the humor of little kids. This would be well-received by my crowd.

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