Monday, November 01, 2010

today=crash and burn

Today I should be:

EDITING 5 family sessions, 1 wedding, 1 senior, and a workshop. WRITING 5,000 words for NanoWrimo. PROGRAMMING the new blog for our lil' frame company. CREATING a pamphlet for said frame company. CLEANING the sticky post-Halloween guck left by 40 kid-sized fingers all over my house. SHOWERING me. EATING.

But, instead of doing all that, I'm staring at my Lame-A, bugged out, crashed, piece of $#%@ COMPUTER, wondering why, oh why, it choose today of all days to upload a virus that would send my life spiraling into a stressful oblivion of burning failure.

Son of a motherless goat!

Oh, so you snarky few out there might be wondering how I'm even posting this...I'm using my MAC laptop...the one computer that doesn't have the start of my new book on it, or the many sessions I need to edit, or the Photoshop docs that I need for the lil' frame company.

So today, I will be vegging out in front of the TV and catching up on 5 years of missed All My Children episodes.


Stacey said...

Oh no! So sorry Erin! But sometimes it is good to take a break. Maybe you needed it?

Ella said...

You should watch Days of our life instead!!!

Just SO said...

ACK!!! Viruses are the worst. I'm sorry.

Rachey-Foo said...

such a bummer. may I suggest Greys Anatomy instead? I LOOOVE that show. hope you get the computer sorted out. it's no fun when technology reminds us who's in conrtol. :p

Shari said...

Don't worry about your stupid technology. Just enjoy your day off.

Unknown said...

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