Monday, October 18, 2010

another story in which I make an excellent candidate for mother of the year.

Remember the time I totally got my days confused and sort of, kind of, well almost, in all honesty I basically forgot my son's birthday? You can check out that story here. Awesome, right?

It would seem, based on the events in the last week, that I have a talent for the aforementioned birthday forgetting.

Case in Point: Teddy the Bear's birthday.

Week in Review:

Monday: Edited Photos
Tuesday: Edited Photos

*son of a...
Late Tuesday night I had the singular thought, Something's going on tomorrow that I've forgotton about. What could that be? Well, duh. Teddy's birthday. As in, the celebratory day in which I apparently forgot to buy a cake mix, candles, balloons, and presents. Pretty much, I had a whole lot of nothing planned.
At ten in the evening I made a few phone calls and begged my sweet good neighbors with young kids to bring their kiddos to my house the next day for a FABULOUS party (one of which I had not planned).

Wednesday: Rush to Target. Buy everything that resembles Halloween party supplies. Rush home. Clean house. Make cupcakes. Con good friend into helping me make salsa. Turn all photography business over to Intern. Cross fingers that kids show up.

And did they? Thank the Good Lord, YES!

So last minute, I threw the best 4-year-old Halloween party that a slack-A Mom could pull together in less than a day. We decorated pumpkins and played freeze dance to Michael Jackson's THRILLER.
All in all, it was a perfect party. And now my little guy is four. It's hard to believe how fast he's growing up. Here's a shot I made the kids take just hours before the party.


Kristine said...

Glad it all turned out! Oh, and I'll be bringing $$ to you!

Kayleen said...

Happy Birthday to Teddy! Darling Photo! Ruby's hair is so long!
and Thriller... Rock on! :)

tammy said...

You have really, really, really good-looking children....

KT said...

Love it Erin! So cute. I have to say that I use my google calendar to text me all reminders. It is awefully annoying at time when every hour I get a new text, but the kids will appreciate it someday...I don't forget to pick up my kids from school. The only problem is when I decide to ignore the text or erase it before looking. That usually lends to me missing something pretty important!

Sara B. Larson said...

You are definitely a shoo-in for that award, pulling together a birthday like that in mere hours! phwew! And I just read your last post, OMGOSH girl, only you... only you. HA HA HA!

Kahilau said...

you did it anyway right? That's all that matters! Way to make it happen, oh and by the way, could your kids be anymore beautiful? I think not!

Fullmer Family said...

I'd vote for ya!

Jessie Humphries said...

Cute outfits...where'dya get them?

i'm erin. said...

ha ha Jessie! You make-a-me laugh.

JoMamma said...

Just a reminder Ruby's birthday is very soon.

Unknown said...

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