Thursday, August 12, 2010


1. Today at the Temple, while shooting a super cute wedding, another photographer gave me the shaft. First he acted all friendly, and then totally skipped ahead of me and took my placement in the line...and essentially the one good spot to shoot. By the time sneaky photog finished, my cutie bride was pooped, so no great shade shots.

2. I got a new phone. Why am I telling you this? Well, I don't have your numbers, so sometimes when I'm busy (like every moment of my life...well, last week mostly) I don't pick up the tele if I don't recognize your number. And that means all of you. Because I have an ADD pea-brain that's dyslexic, I can't seem to remember any numbers. Let's hope Technology never goes out on us or I'm out of luck. Text me your name and number. Then I wont give you the shaft when you call.

3. My little sister and bigger sister (not really bigger, just older. In fact, she's smaller since she rocked the WW) both went to Seven Peaks today. I got shafted since I am shooting a wedding...but I suppose that's Karma, since I have been shafting all who call me lately. I'm ok with not going to Seven Peaks though because it's practically freezing outside. (It's 82 degrees...burr).

4. Tip of the day: Shaft not lest ye be shafted.

Luv, erin


Cheeseboy said...

Oh that sucks. I hear the temple photo scene can be downright brutal.

Peggy said...

True dat.

Unknown said...

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