Thursday, July 08, 2010

remember when.

Mom and Dad took us brude of crazy kids on many road trips. And though at the time I thought they were too mean, and probably the worst parents in the world because they'd tell us to settle down, or they'd put a limit on the amount of candy we could chow, or they'd make us go pee when ever they stopped the car; now I think they are pretty dang awesome. They dragged five fighting-screaming-name-calling kids all over the western US. I remember those days like they were yesterday. I remember when we plastered a neighboring camper with molten balls of marshmallow. I remember when we took a long trip and I vomited in a brown bag. In fact, I still remember that there were little tangerine slices in the mess of vomit. Gross, I know...but still I remember it.

So, here's a shout out to Mom and Dad for being road-trippers...and passing on that love. Because without it I don't think I would have endured the last trip Mark and I took.

After driving for 12 hours I wanted to KILL my sweet Ruby. You see, in that twelve hours, Ruby wasn't so sweet. She screamed for 9 hours. Yes, literally. Her fussing ranged from a pitchy whipering to a full fledged, raging roar. That little pint-sized girl has a set of lungs. And by the time we arrived at my sister's house in Washington, I was ready to burst.

Isn't it funny how kid screaming can wind up your insides so tight you feel like you're going to explode? Or pull your hair out. Or actually make good on your threats and turn the van around.

But then when I think I've had enough of her, she turns around and gives me her big-brown-eyed gaze, and my heart melts.

Here's to road trips from Hell, and the awesome memories they bring.


Marcie said...

I'm so sorry about the screaming but Ruby is so beautiful!

Kristine said...

What? Sweet little Ruby? I don't believe it. lol! Glad she melted you in the end and you didn't end up killing her! :) You are brave.

Liz in PA said...

I am normally just a reader not a commenter but I just had to comment and tell you how incredibly beautiful your children are! What a gift God has given you in these beautiful children and what a gift they have been given by you and Mark being their parents. I know you already know how truly blessed by God you have been!

Crystal said...

i hate road trips :( im scared out of my mind the whole time and its so uncomfortable. i couldnt imagine it with a screaming baby on top of that. dont get me wrong. i love traveling and sight seeing but can i just go on a plane? too bad im not rich. :(

funny funny post :)

Stacey said...

I am seriously going to cry that is such a beautiful picture and sentiment. Yes, things can be so insane that we feel like we are in Hell. Then our children smile and life is all better.

Hugs to you!

i'm erin. said...

LIz in PA, you are so great. Thanks for commenting. I feel like we are bosom buddies now.

Marcie, thanks.

Kristiner, ha ha...wait your turn.

Crystal you can do it.

And Stacey, you are so sweet.

Unknown said...

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