Thursday, June 03, 2010

I love LOVE.

Much to my Mom's chagrin, (I know because she recently edited my sappy love story) that I'm way more of a chick-lit romance lover than like 90% of the world. I'll devour a good book in one sitting. Because, baby, once I'm hooked, I'm hooked...even if that means reading til' three in the morning.  I'm the publishing industry's ideal customer. If I had the money, I'd buy and buy and buy every new book with even a hint of romance in it.


I guess that's why I like shooting engagements the most. More than seniors (graduating seniors...not old people, though they're great to shoot too), more than bridals, or families, or babies, or even the actual wedding, my favorite shoot is an engagment shoot.

I shot this picture last week. It's one of my favorites. Like, ever. Honestly, it's not super special. I didn't use a new awesome shooting techinque, or super expensive lighting. I just pulled out my camera, and my good ole' standby lens and shot this one in the moment of the kiss. And, I love it.

Just saying.

Have an awesome Thursday. Go kiss someone by an old truck.

Luv, erin

Publishing News: I have three awesome agents that have requested either a partial or a full of my manuscript.  Does that mean I'm going to one day get published? No. But it gives me hope.


The Dixon Family said...

I love reading about love too and anyone who can write some good sexual tension...ah. Better than chocolate. And you will get published:)

Ella said...

I love that pic also!!! love that truck! were is that?

i'm erin. said...

hey ella, it's on someone's property in highland...can you say tresspassing. ha ha.

Sara B. Larson said...

Beautiful pic, as always!

Who else requested!? So exciting! It's definitely going to happen. :-)

Kahilau said...

Beautiful photo! Nice work girl! And yes, that does mean that one day you will get published because you are Erin and you can do it ALL! Love you!

Kayleen said...

i LOVE that photo! That has to go on your studio wall for sure!

Good luck with your book! :)

and. . .wish I could come to your yard sale. I'll hopefully see you Sunday at Ginger's baby blessing.

JoMamma said...

You had a yard sale and did not tell me. ERIN What has happened to us.

Now I'm over the fact that you neglected me and I am so excited about your book. I can't wait to bring my copy to your house and ask you to sign it.

Unknown said...

beautiful and inspiring!

Unknown said...

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