Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The bestest thing anyone has ever asked me...like, EVER!

I'm at a shoot. Like always, I'm snapping group pictures like a mad dog until I'm pooped out (ha ha...you'll get my pun in a minute). Then I say, "Hey, let me take some single shots of your cute kids."

Awesome mom (who just so happens to be a nationally published writer...urg...no animosity there) says, "sure."

Kid numero uno comes over and I shoot him. He's cute, I can see why the girls die over him at his high school, and I convince him to do an awesome back flip.  I'm happy.

College-grad sister is next. She smiles at the camera and I nearly hate her because she's flawlessly beautiful...but then I decide I love her because she makes my pictures look WOWZA!

Then, I come to second-oldest boy. He's leaner than his older buff-football-playing brother, but his smile is adorable. After a couple head shots straight on, I decide to switch things up a little. I say, "Hey, let's try a different angle. Squat down."

Second oldest boy says, "Like I'm pooping?"

I drop my camera, letting it hang around my neck and I bust a gut laughing. I can't stop laughing for nearly five minutes because that is the most awesomest thing anyone at any shoot has ever asked me.

When I gain my composure, my answer is, "Yes."


Crystal said...

hahahaha. i can imagine the look on ur face and ur exact laugh. you are awesome!! wait, he is awesome!! hahaha!!

Ipo said...

okay, so i want to see the picture of this kid in "the pose." so funny, erin! you always get the scoop on the funny!

JoMamma said...

I can't wait to see the poop picture also. That is way to funny.

Ashley said...

I wanna see the poop picture!!! :P

A. said...

HILARIOUS!!! bwahahahaha!
I too want see THE picture. :)

Unknown said...

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