Thursday, May 06, 2010

Picking Favorites.

Whenever I take someone's pictures, I'm always surprised that my favorite image isn't necessarily their favorite. I know they pick images for different reasons than me, but sometimes I wish they would choose the one I would choose. It's like a validation thing or something.
Last night I went to the capitol and shot bridals for the most lovely girl. Absolutely stunning. So when I got home and sifted through the pictures, I had a hard time deciding on my favorite one. But after I edited this one, I decided this one is it (or at least one of the top ten). There's something so charming about her in this image.

I'm not sure what I like so much about it, and I even asked Mark. But all he said is, "Yeah, that's nice." Uh, ok.  Anyway, you can decide for yourself...but for me, this one makes me smile with pride.


JoMamma said...

I really like the arches and the color of the buildings. They really make her white dress pop out in the picture. Wonderful as always!

Shari said...

It's beautiful!

Julianne said...

I like her pose. She looks really graceful, like a ballerina or the swan princess. And it is a beautiful composition.

Melissa said...

It is gorgeous! The architecture, her angles, the coloring. . . it's all stunning.

Unknown said...

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