Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cookies,fish heads, and poop

The other day as I plopped chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookie dough down on the baking sheet, George asked if he could have some.  Eww.  Of course I said no way.  There's, like, raw eggs in it.  That's gross.

George argued otherwise.  "It's not bad, mom.  You wanna know what's sick.  In my class we learned that people eat fish heads.  That's gross, mom."  He nodded to Henry as if making is point clear.  "Cookie dough is not gross." 

"Eww.  Fish heads."  Henry rolled his eyes.

"Hey," I said.  "Some people think fish heads are good."

"Do you think fish heads are good?" George looked at me in horror and tried to sneak some dough. 

I swatted his hand.  "Well, no, but I'm sure we're probably related to someone who does.  We do have the Polynesian and Asian thing going.  So don't talk bad about eating fish heads, maybe you'd like them."

Henry drew back and wrinkled his nose.  "Eating fish heads is grosser than eating Poop!" 

To that comment, George erupted in laughter.

"Sick."  I scooped out two more spoonfuls of dough.  "Don't talk like that.  Besides you can't eat poop."

"Well you can't eat fish heads either."  George pointed at the dough.  "So can I have some cookie dough?"

"No."  That was to the cookie dough.  "But, that's not true.  You can eat fish heads.  You won't die if you do." 

"Well, I'll never eat a fish head."  Henry said.  "Cause I'm sure I would  too die."

George turned to him.  "Yeah, we'd rather eat Poop than a fish head."

"You Can't Eat Poop."  Ugh.  I was seriously exasperated with the conversation already.

"Well you can't eat fish heads." Henry said, hands on hips.  Dang that kid is so sassy.

"Yes you can!" 

Let me end this conversation now.  The poop versus fish heads went on for at least another ten minutes as I tried to explain the diseases you could get from eating poop and why poop is not meant for eating anyway because it's waste from our body.  Needless to say, the boys talked so long about poop and fish heads that they never got their nasty raw-egg cookie dough because by the time they were done arguing with me, the cookies were done. 

There you have it, Cookie dough, fish heads and poop = GROSS!


Leslie said...

those silly boys! You just send them over to my house and I'll whip them up some ono fishhead casserole.

but seriously, when I worked for the civil service in high school one summer on base in Hawaii, the other civil service ladies (mostly older Philipino women) often had potlucks and I remember the fist time there were fish heads there. gross! But no one died from eating them I'm sure.

Shari said...

We eat cookie dough all the time and none of us have died. Yet.

Kahilau said...

I'm with Henry, I think I would TOO die! GROSSS!!! And um.... let'blame the Asian side in you for that (if you in fact have an eating of fish heads in your family). I would like to believe that Polynesians are smarter than that. HAHAHAHA! Yeah right!

tina said...

That is funny. I often wonder with my boys why do most conversations end with poop? Somehow poop always ends up being the subject? Why, why why?! We know, everyone poops, but we don't all need to talk about it all the time! Sheesh! Boys! Gotta love them. How totally irrational that they would rather eat poop than fish heads. Makes me laugh!

A. said...

Ok - so my girls talk about poop all the time . lol Glad to see they are NORMAL!

And by the way, miss aerobics instructor, it seems like you would have ran across some protien nut by now who eats raw eggs. Don't some guys chug them down who or even blended up with some sort of shake? I admit... that's gross! But they haven't seemed to die or make the nightly news yet. :P
(And seriously... didn't your mom ever let you eat cookie dough growing up?)

Jenny said...

Erin you are so funny. A family friend was at our house one day and Chris was eating the cookie dough he was making. Stephanie was appalled, her response: "You're not supposed to eat that! I though your dad [Rex, mind you] says you can get sick from the eggs if you eat raw cookie dough." Chris's reply: "Steph, the only thing that changes because dad says that is we do it when he's not looking." LOL. Pretty sure everyone but Rex eats at least a snitch of raw cookie dough at my in-laws house :)

Carterista said...


Carterista said...

If you really like cookie dough, make it w/o eggs, then eat it ALL! That's what I do.

missionary mama said...

tiny fish heads are yummy when deep fried until CRUNCHY and CRISPY!

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