Friday, November 27, 2009

Peggy: Utah Family Photography

Peggy Eddleman.  What can I say, really?  Besides I'm always quite very jealous of her.  She's my writing buddy and probably 99% of the reason I've continued to write...I have extreme competitive issues, so if she's writing, then so am I.  (Eat that Peggy). 

Well, a few weeks back I got to shoot her.  Ahhh, it was nice to shoot someone like her.  ha ha.

Peggy, you're a freaking babe. 
luv erin


Kristine said...

I love these! You did such a great job! I just talked to Peggy and she was telling me how much she loved them and how much fun she had getting them done. Erin, you rock!

Janet said...

AHH there so cute! I love them, you did awesome Erin

JoMamma said...

Those pictures are awesome. Peggy looks beautiful.

tammy said...

Peggy--I would like an 8X10 of the black & white shot of you. I want to hang it on my wall. You are so beautiful. I want your hair. I always have.

Carterista said...

I'll take a copy of that one, too! I also love the jumping one.

Julie said...

Erin, you are awesome! These pictures are just wonderful. Peggy is a beautiful girl, I love claiming her genes but I really don't know where she got them from.

Ella said...

Peggy is very beautiful! I also love the black and white! Soooooo pretty!

kellieanne said...

Peggy, would you think I'm just a copy cat if I made my hair the same color as yours? I just love when my friends figure out what I like and I can just copy. said...

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