Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tiff and Tuks : New Zealand Wedding Photography : by a Utah Photographer

We flew in last night . . . and more or less, came home for ten minutes before I was off to the doctor.  After the euphoria of seeing my sweet baby girl and wonderful boys wore off, the killing pain in my lower back took over my attention.  Diagnosis:  Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Infection. 


No, double Suck.

After a shot in the butt and a heavy duty antibiotic prescription, I came home and sorted the shots from Tiff and Tuk's wedding in New Zealand.  Sigh.  They are beautiful people.  And their wedding was equally beautiful.  From the first moment I met Tuks, I thought he was amazing.  The pefect match for smart, funny, talented Tiffany!  

Our time in New Zealand flew by.  We met wonderful people like Ana, and Anna, and Paige (the girls) and the awesome Salanoa family.  Then after just under a week, our time was over and we had to leave for Australia.  Thanks all you New Zealanders for educating me on how to say the letter Z.  (You guys say "Zed" for Z instead of "Zee" for Z...too funny.)  I only drove on the wrong side of the road 3 times...sorry Tiff for nearly taking your life.  And I gorged myself on all your great Lollies (code for Candy).  New Zealand Rocks. 

Luv, Erin

Without further ado, here's your sneek peek:

The Reception . . .
Held at a beautiful, quaint, art gallery in the heart of Auckland, the reception was absolutely stunning.  From the relaxed tunes of the band, the beautiful arched ceiling, to the simple yet elegant table decor, I loved it all and tried to capture a bit of everything.  Tuks sang to Tiff the most beautiful arrangement of songs, and I was in love.  Dang, that man can sing!  Tiff looked radient and shined.  The reception was simply magical.


fatnelly said...

ERIN THESE ARE AMAZZZINNNGGG I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Huge cheesy smile on my face right now x

Kristina P. said...

These are GORGEOUS!

Hope you feel better!

Nick and Emily said...

YEAH YOU'RE HOME! not yeah, you are sick. I think vacation does that to ya.

Kayleen said...

Gorgeous pictures as always Erin!
Sorry to hear you are sick! Glad you had a safe and fun trip! :)

JoMamma said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you are back. Sorry you got sick. Did I say I was glad you were back?

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous pics, gorgeous bride/couple! You really are stinkin amazing!!!

tammy said...

Beautiful sneak peek! I love her natural colors!

Mark said...

You are amazing, I am jealous on so many levels,1st you got to go to NZ, 2nd you got to shoot a wedding there, 3rd you didn't bring your kids. congrats, you are blowing it up.

Crystal said...

wow! those pictures are awesome! i wish you could've done our wedding. seriously. said...

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