Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shumway Family : Utah Family Photography

It's been at least ten years since I spent time with Krystal.  Back in my glory days, Krystal and I were cheerleaders together.  When we met the other night for a Mini-session family shoot, I was still in awe of how beautiful she is, just like high school.  Sigh.  Her four boys were so good and they sure did enjoy the apples at the orchard!  Shumway family, you guys rock.  Thanks for dodging the deer turds, kneeling in the dirt, and getting pretty chummy. 

Luv, erin


Miss Eliza Shumway said...

haha!! i was like... What??

HAPPY DAYS said...

cute pictures erin hey y aren't u talking to me did i do something wrong? if so im sorry and i love u love alaina hope everyone is well

Krystal said...

Oh Erin, you are too sweet! We had a great time with you too. I love the pictures, you are so talented. Thanks for making us look so good.

Shayleen Lunt said...

Erin - me again. I found that blog I was asking you for ;) Crazy Mom Quilts. Thanks anyway.
Fun to see pics of high school friends! said...

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