Monday, October 12, 2009

Funn Family : Utah Family Photography

I had such a "Funn" time with the Funn family.  Ok, ok, so that was a bad pun.  But really, they were too funny.  We went up the canyon, and I was a little nervous because Utah's been unseasonably cold (ok, well maybe not really, but I think it's too dang cold for likin').  Anyway, I was saying that when we got up there it wasn't too bad.  Lance and Tiffany and all you crazy kids.  Thanks for jumping when I said jump, and rolling in the dirt with me.  That was awesome. 

Luv, erin


Weight Family said...

I want my last name to be Funn! That or Angel! I got screwed... Weight?! It's even spelled wrong. I hate those I before E exceptions. If my last name were Funn I would give all my kids the middle name "is".

Kristina P. said...

These are beautiful! We're having pictures taken this weekend, up a canyon. Can't wait! said...

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