Thursday, September 24, 2009

Korbie, One Of A Kind: Utah Bridal Photography

When Korbie called me, her original photographer had to cancel. Dang. But, as always, good for me. She told me what she wanted and I was certainly up for a change. As soon as I met Corby, I was near giddy with excitement. She is unique. Individual. And style to the hilt.

Love IT!

So, last night when I saw her in her full wedding gown, I was near speechless. What an amazing bride.

Hey Korbie, here's your sneak peek from last night's shoot. You rocked my world!


tammy said...

Oh my holy cow what the heck can't believe amazing original beautiful get out absolutely stunning freaking awesome out of this universe gadfrys wowie kazowie. I'm speechless too.

Must. See. Remaining. Photos. Now.

Photographer who backed out=Sucka!!

kellieanne said...

These are amazing! I love the setting, the originality of the dress and the vavoom roses. I love them! Amazing photographer + gorgeous bride to be = WOW!

Kristina P. said...

She is an awesome bride! Beautiful!

Kristine said...

Yes, very unique, and VERY pretty!

Weight Family said...

Love em!

Asenath said...

wow. unreal!

renae said...

STUNNING. and how refreshing to see something completely different from the typical UT bride! i can't wait to see the rest....

Amber said...

Great photos! You are an amazing photographer! said...

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