Saturday, August 22, 2009


He's braved my Photo 101 workshop, shadowed me on a couple shoots, and read Understanding Exposure. (If you're at all interested in photography, this is the book you should read. It rocks.)

I just have to take a time out and say, WOWZA! Mark, my sweet-patient-kind-hubby, is rocking my photography world. He's picking it up quicker than I ever did. And . . . sniff, sniff . . . it makes me so dang proud.

Over the ten years we've been married, Mark has never ceased to amaze me. Um, like the time he said, "Hey, since I just got laid off, you wanna move to Hawaii?" ...Uh SURE! (You're freaking awesome Sweetie). Or, like the time he said, "Lets buy this ghetto druggie house and rock it suburban style." ...Ok, I'm game! (So maybe those weren't his exact words, but you get the picture. He's so good at going with the flow and learning new things.)

The newest interest: Photography.
And not just because I'm his wife and stapled to his side for Eternity, but because I like to think I'm somewhat of a photographer, and since I teach classes, I have to say he's doing a bang up job.

Way to go Mark. Here's some of your shots I loved.


Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

Wow Mark those really are awesome photos! Well done! You must have one FINE photography teacher (pun intended :) Erin you always make me happy...thanks for the recent posts on my blog and the birthday wish...I think you are AMAZING!!! -Tiff

Kristina P. said...

You have one talented family!

Carterista said...

Awwww...Sweet Teddy.
Marc...Erin is SO lucky to have you. said...

Those are great shots...I wonder if he would be that good if he didn't have such a cute model? (and a great teacher) BTW....I really want to come to one of your classes, but I'll be gone on the 26th...maybe next time.

amanda thiessen said...

so cute! love that last shot!

JoMamma said...

I agree Erin is very lucky to have Mark. Great Photos

SummShine said...

Good job Mark! Keep shootin

Kayleen said...

nice work Mark!! :)

tammy said...

Mark--you rock at the picture taking!

Kahilau said...

Those pics of Teddy are beautiful (in the manliest way possible for a 3 year old! Nice work Mark!

Nick and Emily said...

wow!!! way to go Mark! New Zealand better watch it's butt. you really are one lucky girl to have such a multi talented and fabulous hubby. so hooray for mark!

Marcie said...

You guys are too cute and too talented!

Unknown said...

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