Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Ladies

Ok, so watch out, if you're around me long enough I might shoot you. This last weekend I spent some time with these awesome ladies that I met earlier in the year at BYU. We have so much fun together and I find myself snorting a lot when I'm in their company. So of course, I pulled out the shooter and shot away.


Fred said...

Awesome work Erin.

Kristina P. said...

These are all so lovely!

Peggy said...

Wow, they all look so great! You rock, Erin.

Ladies... if you are reading this, I met you at the conference.

Sarah-- You cut your hair! It look really great.
Melony-- you look hot! And studious.
Julie-- I LOVE your ponderous pose.
Ally-- Your photo looks like the perfect author photo. It should go well with your perfect book! (Which, btw, I haven't been able to stop thinking about since Erin let me read the first chapter at WFYR. I wish I wrote YA romance so I could sneak into your group and read more.)

Sara said...

Wow, thanks Erin! I love them! You are so talented!!

Julianne said...

Aaaaa! I love them! You rock my world, Erin! said...

Just please don't ever bring your camera to aerobics!

Shad Pulley said...

Ugh.. on my nasty overgrown lawn!!

Fullmer Family said...

These are so gorgeous Erin! You are always an inspiration!! :)

Ivy V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolyn V. said...

Oh man, I was only late by 2 hours. I'll be on time next time. Darn it. ;)

Allyson Condie said...

Erin, you are awesome. Also, will you tell Peggy her comment made my day?

Thanks again for the pictures! We are so lucky!

Unknown said...

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