Friday, July 31, 2009


Finally, Tonja whisked me away yesterday. A moment of solace. Peace. Away from the kids . . . well, until Mark came down, found us at the park, and deposited the kids on me. Great. *eye roll* At least I had my honkin' death-con 5 camera with me. Instead of wallowing in the torment of the seven kids (my 4 and my sister's 3) I took advantage and shot my sweet Ruby.

Ruby, are you really 8 1/2 months old? Sweet girl, I love you.


A. said...

I just love the hair bands you put on her. She has got to be one of THE most adorable little girls I've ever seen (aside from my own that is. :P )!

Rach said...

AAAHHH ruby, one day I will meet you SWEET little ruby.

SaraJ said...

She is so beautiful!

Peggy said...

I can't believe she's getting so big! What a beautiful girl!

JoMamma said...

She is that old already. WOW time flies. She is so cute. It must be so fun to have a little girl.

Weight Family said...

You seriously have some cute kids, she is super pretty.

Melony said...

Could she be any cuter??? DANG IT!!! So sweeet!!!! :D

Marcie said...

I haven't even met Ruby Rubes yet and I LOVE HER!

missionary mama said...

Ruby is so cute! I want to pinch those cheeks! =)

Nikki said...

I love these pics so much that I showed all the nurses. They agree that she is the cutest little thing ever!

Unknown said...

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