Monday, July 20, 2009

Name Dropping

1st Call - 9:44 am. I don't pick up. Why? Ruby's peed out, I'm barely able to crack my eyes open, and I couldn't care less about getting off the couch. I shouldn't have stayed up till almost three revising my first three chapters for the eleventy billionth time.

2nd Call - 9:54 am. I look from the blinking light on my home phone to my cell. Peggy called both phones? Oh crap, the realization hits me that I forgot to pick up the lovely gift she's had waiting for me since Friday. This time I call her back and apologize for my unfriendly friendship.

We talk. She asks what I am doing today? Revising yet again--Of course my book won't be ready until every dag gum word is different. Today, Peggy's taking a break from writing. Instead, she's going out to lunch with her daughter. Fun for her. If I took Ruby out to lunch it would be on me. (snort. I'm laughing at my own joke...Ruby is still nursing.)

3rd Call - 12:55 pm. I don't pick up. I'm Writing.

4th Call - 12:55 1/2 pm. Still Writing.

5th Call - 12:56. Ok Peggy, I get the point. I pick up.

"You're not going to believe who I ran into at P.F. Changs!" Peggy's voice is light, near giddy.

"Who?" (I'm a sucker for a hook, and Peggy knows how to hook me)

"Laura Hickman!"


(Yes, I know you're not supposed to ever write in all caps, but I did yell. Peggy just ran into one of the greatest Fantasy writers of all time--A woman I so sneakily stalked at the BYU-Writers for Young Reader's Conference just over a month before.)
Peggy recognized Laura and called out her name. Laura turned, and Peggy talked to her. Peggy reminded Laura that she'd met her at the Writer's Conference.

And then Laura Hickman said, "That's right, you were with . . . ERIN!"

(Ok, so she probably didn't yell my name like I just wrote in all caps, but that is how excited I was to hear she said it. Stop being such a critic).

I squeal into the phone. I dance a little jig in my computer seat. I lightly caress the Hickman's book, Mystic Warrior, Book One of The Bronze Canticles that sits on my desk.


Peggy says, "Next time you'll pick up the phone the first time I call."

I laugh. Hopefully she's right.

Above are Tracy and Laura Hickman, the married, fantasy writing duo. I just wanted to do a little name dropping today and let you know They Rock!


Kristina P. said...

How exciting that she remembered you! I'm sure that happens to you all the time. :)

Carterista said...

So, was it enough to give you a boost for re-re-re-editing?

Melony said...


Kristine said...

That's awesome! Yeah, I think that earned her a spot on the list of people you make exceptions for on phone calls! lol!

JoMamma said...

I had no idea not to write in caps. Look your post was very informative. I am a better person from reading it.

Nick and Emily said...

that's so freaking cool. you are definitely one of those people no one forgets. way to go!

big8smiley said...

Sweet! If that's not a big confidence booster! So, next time PICK UP THE FREAKING PHONE (in all caps). :)

Unknown said...

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