Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear David,

You, my brother in law, are certainly one of the craziest people I know. Mark, my sweet hubby and your older bro, would most definitely have to agree with me. To run a 50 mile trail run through the wilderness off the Wasatch Mountains is beyond my understanding, my comprehension, my entire way of life. What type of person does that? I'll tell you- David "Freaking" Summerill does that. You are the Man of all Men. You are testosterone squared. You are awesomer than Awesome.

You are THE KING OF THE HILL! (or the mountain)

Way to go David for running, and completing the Squaw Peak Fifty.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Would you ever want to run Fifty Miles?


tina said...

I am thinking that 50 feet is about my limit! :)

tammy said...

Yes I would, because then I would get to eat Jason's food at the end of the trail!! Hahaha! I think people who do the 50 are freakishly awesome!~! Wish it were me!

Just SO said...

Even walking 50 would do me in.

Mariko said...

All in a row?
Do I have to decide between that and my knee caps?
If I die will my insurance cover me?
Am I automatically translated afterwards?
Will I walk again?

SummShine said...

I will answer those questions Mariko.
All of them in a row.
Nope your knee caps are included in the deal.
Ask your insurance agent.
Not sure but you are kind of loopy for a little while.
You will wish you didn't have to. A wheelchair would be nice.
P.S. Thanks for the post Erin, you rock.

Nikki said...

Wow! That is incredible. I have always noticed about David his endurance and tenacity. Good for him. I think I could maybe last 50 minutes. And that's only walking.

big8smiley said...

NO! I love to work out, but running 50 just isn't up my alley. Even if a bear was chasing me, I think around 42 1/2 I would give in and let it take a nibble. Dave is AWESOME!!! Way to go on the run!!

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