Friday, May 22, 2009


Eh batter batter batter. Sun high in the sky. The smell of nachos and popcorn in the breeze. The swish of a fast swinging bat. I love little league. George, my oldest at a whopping eight years old, is playing for the Orem Mets this year. Sure he still shies away from the ball when its flying at his face, but he's a swinger. George will get out there and let the bat rip. I love this kid! Look at George go for the ball.

Grampa and lovely little Ruby checking out big brother.
George's favorite position, Catcher.


renae said...

"coach fight! coach fight!"

Kayleen said...

love the photos! :) George is so cute!!

Nikki said...

great pics! Go George!!

aisyahputrisetiawan said...

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