Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bird Chasing

As we drove down the Oregon Coast, the boys got a little stir crazy. No, let me restate that. The boys screamed, yelled, threw food at each other, pulled each others' hair, and passed quite a lot of gas. When I'd had about enough of that...the gas, that is...I pulled over to let the boys have a break, and let me have a breather.

Good thing I pulled over where I did, because I found this awesome view just off the side of the highway.
Apparently the boys found a better view-

While they chased seagulls, I fed Ruby, stretched, and paid the water bill (if you know what I mean...um, is that a little too much info? I've been couped up in a van for the last 9 days, my mind is a little befuddled.)

After they wore themselves out, we finally made it to our destination - beautiful Newport!


Nick and Emily said...

that really is an awesome view. glad you're back though.

Just SO said...

How fun chasing seagulls!!! As long as they didn't feed them any Alka Selzer tablets.

That view is incredible.

big8smiley said...

That scenic picture is gorgeous! Aren't you glad the boys drove you crazy enough to stop? I'm sure the seagulls were a blessing. Little boys need to run, and what better reason!!

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