Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday's Fit Tip MANIA!!!


Need I say more? If you are like me, you gorged yourself on stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pie; and right about now you feel bloated, tired, and pretty uncomfortable in those jeans. But hey if you don't fit this description, then ROCK ON, but if you fell into the Turkey trap that I did, this post is for you.
With Christmas around the corner, why not spend the next three weeks feeling better than you have in a while? Give yourself the early gift of fitness. This weeks tips will help you stay on track and get all that busy holiday business done.

1. EAT BEFORE YOU GO -During the holidays I get up, get out and get shopping and realize halfway through the day I am starving. Crud, then I am left to pig out on fast food! Not only does my pocketbook take a hit, but so does my figure. Then a week later when I am trying to shove on that black holiday frock, I look like a stuffed sausage! I say, to curb those crazy cravings, eat a healthy breakfast, and pack some carrots for a day of shopping. Just think, while you are shopping you could be dropping...pounds that is.

2. EXERCISE EARLY - No matter what your normal routine is, when the holidays are around justifications like I will work out later just don't cut it. By the time 5pm rolls around you are either too tired or too bogged down with festive plans to take time out to take care of yourself. So get up, run over to the gym, go on a walk, or pop in a great 30-60 minute fitness video and get it done! You will feel so much more confident throughout the day if you have checked that one off your list early.

Stick these two tips out for the next few weeks and you wont be looking like a stuffed sausage when you pull on that great little holiday outfit!


I am a mother! said...

Good tips! I always look forward to them.

A. said...

The "eat before you go" tip is so important. I buy food items that I wouldn't but otherwise just because I'm hungry. lol And it's usually sweets. Eek!

Ruby is SOOOOOO beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story.

Just SO said...

What? The stuffed sausage look isn't "in"? Boo.

Unknown said...

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