Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Low Down

Here they are in all their Halloween Glory: a skeleton, a little lion, a bigger lion and batman!
You are going to call me crazy, but I really hate trunk or treats (if you are unfamiliar with this concept, it is where groups of people gather together and park in a row. Then they open their trunks and give out candy. Kids walk from trunk to trunk gathering candy at a record breaking pace) Come on?!? What happened to the good ole' days where you had to traipse across town and back for a mere half a pillowcase full? I decided this year that my boys were going to get a real taste of what trick or treating should be. After knocking on doors for 45 minutes, to only find a handful slow moving seniors, we gave in and hit 2 great trunk or treats. The boys loaded it in...which really means...I LOADED IT IN! hahahahahaha...Here are a few shots I caught of our trick or treating adventures.

There is nothing like the rear end of a baby lion...walking next to the rear end of a daddy lion...
oh, and if you are wondering what I went as, I went as Halloween Bling. I simply wore Halloween pants, a flashing necklace, dangly spiderweb earrings, and a skull headband. I know, lame, but it worked.


Leslie said...

Such cute costumes but where's your photo? I think we had so much fun trick-or-treating when we were growing up because of how close the houses were on base (and also that they were all young families and probably 90% of the houses gave out candy) because I used to love to run from house to house.

Now we take the kids to the downtown trick-or-treat and then the church trunk-or-treat, and then hit up a street or two near our house and call it good. They brought home quite a bit between the 3 of them and you know I've foraged through it for my favorites, ha ha!

John Ivie said...

I'm glad you got Teddy to where the Lion. It is so stinkin' cute! :-)

big8smiley said...

LOL! Those costumes are so cute! Especially the daddy lion. I love it! Where on earth did he get such a thing?

We don't even have a trunk or treat option in our ward, so we were left to the traditional trick or treating. The weather was so nice that the kids didn't want to stop and we all had a blast. I think we still came home with a decent haul of candy. Enough to last at least until Christmas. :)

Shelby said...

This is where trunk or treat has brought one is ever home on Halloween and trick-or-treating has been RUINED FOREVER!!! I HATE TRUNK-OR-TREAT!!!!!! there.....i'm done.....

Ticklemedana said...

ha ha ha...I loved that batman looks like he has to go potty in his solo pic and that daddy lion's tail is really high up for a tail! =)

JoMamma said...

I agree with you on the trunk-or-treat. My kids will never know what halloween was like when I was a kid. Hours of knocking hoping for a huge candy bar.

On the bright side we were done in an hour and could drive around to all of our grandparents and show off the cute costumes.

Sarah said...

Did you use a warming filter on your pictures? If so, which one?

Carterista said...

Marc! You are da man!!!

Teddy, I could eat you in that picture! Athough it should probably be the other way around. You are not scary, though. You are cute, Cute, CUTE!!!

The Gubler Family Blog! said...

I know you are probably not interested, but you once said that you LOVED our dog and wanted one of her puppies if she had them, and she had some. Just thought I would let you know even though you already have one just in case you change your mind. They are ADORABLE! And can you send me an email with that roll recipe that you made at Ella's baby shower? they were so good!

Unknown said...

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