Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Cant Resist:

I love my boys as much as the next mom, I am sure...well maybe...but I honestly cant resist chubby naked toddler! We took a little jaunt up to Salt Lake to a great water fountian. The water shoots up from the ground like magic (as my boy's would exclaim). Without any warning at all, water could come from the hole beneath you and squirt your nether region that happens to be unwisely straddling that mysterious water spout. And to think, this could happen without any warning at all. Isn't it amazing the wonderful things Salt Lake has created with our taxes? Here are a few shots that I captured of the boys...


kellieanne said...

The lighting on those pictures is cool. Did you photoshop something different or was that just from the pictures being taken outside?

Sidney said...

I wish I could just take my shirt off and run around is some water... but that would be obscene. . .

i'm erin. said...

Photo Answer: Ok, to be honest, I actually over-exposed the pictures on accident and so the lighting was really bright. So I did try to darken them a little in photo shop...but that was pretty much it.

Unknown said...

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