Thursday, August 07, 2008


Not that I really went anywhere, but I have taken a week long siesta from my blog because I have been obviously thinking about other things (see fat cat post below). Anyway, I have caught up on a week of blogging in one day. You will find below a smorgasbord of blog thoughts, pictures and even AWARDS! Check out my posts below and I will vow to stay out of my slump and be a better blogger.

Reasons I de-slumped myself:
1. I am an avid blog stalker: I read and digest your blogs like it is Entertainment Tonight. When I chance upon your blog 3-4 times a day and see that you have not yet updated it from the day before...sometimes I feel a little bit in limbo. (Yes, perhaps I should keep my addictions to myself, but it just occurred to me perhaps there are others out there with the same OCD blog clicking habits)
2. I am a WINNER (see post below): You know I love to win things...anything. If you wrapped up a Twinkie and taped it to my front door I would beam with joy for the next week. (Yes, that was a hint to a dear friend who once twinkied my door).
3. My Sister had a Kid: What kind of ultra-cool older sister would I be if I didn't acknowledge the new life roaming this planet because of my sister's generous womb and her seed planting hubby...what a great couple!
4. Laziness Never Was Happiness: (isn't that a scripture or something?!?) hahahaha...ok, obviously we have had the financial struggle while Mark was out of work for 5 months...and during that time we cut Internet connection for money saving reasons. So, when I am not lazy, and I can walk the block to my parent's home, then I can update my blog...I finally went on a walk tonight. (on second thought, why have I gained so much weight again?)

I hope you enjoy the posts below. I look forward to blogging again perhaps tomorrow!


A. said...

Let me just say...if you would just live near me, I'D twinkie your door. :P

Shelby said...

Erin! SO nice you're back! I hardly noticed you hadn't posted! (ok. So I've never been a good liar--truth is, I check your blog approx. 6 .3 times per day.)

Leslie said...

I was wondering what the heck was happening in PG that you weren't blogging about! That reminds me that I better get back to updating my blog more regularly too.

I am a mother! said...

Glad your back! I am currently attending blog stalkers anonymous meetings b/c I too check other people's blogs quite often.

Just SO said...

I'm glad to see you back! Way cool on being a winner! And the pictures are awesome!

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Is very nice to not "check" in vain. :-)

Rach said...

holy craziness!! that's a lot of blogging for one day. I love hte picts of the magic water from salt lake. Where is the fat teddy, is he getting skinnier?!! Glad to see that there are new events when I blog stalk too!!

Maman Pélissié said...

So glad your back!!!

Unknown said...

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