Monday, July 14, 2008


Oh sweet fit tips where have you been? ...sorry the fit tip in me took too long of a siesta, so here they are in full force! Try them all or just one, either way you will be living a fitter, leaner, healthier week. Here are some helpful tips this week that have helped me kick my prego bootie in gear, and can help you too!


1. STEER CLEAR OF COSTCO - Yes, this tip may sound random, but here is the reason why. When you are perusing the isles at Costco, do you simply buy the necessities on your grocery list? And in addition to that, do you steer clear of those sweet old ladies tempting your taste buds with over processed samplings? HECK NO! When I take my weekly (or twice a weekly) trip to Costco, I end up buying 4-5 more items than I had planned on, mostly from the junk food isle or the frozen section of treats, and I can't seem to hold myself back from trying every sample in the warehouse...and let's be honest, sometimes I try them twice! Just a word to the wise, most of the time, you don't need those extra items tempted to you by the sampling ladies, and you definitely don't need the extra calories of each sample. I once totaled up the amount of calories based on each sample I tried, and even though each sample was bite size, by the time I left the Costco I had consumed an extra 400 calories for the day! So, if you don't absolutely have to go, try to put off going to Costco till every other week.

2. Mow Your Lawn - Simple tip, but great rewards. Not only will your husband love you for shaping up that mop of a lawn, you will burn extra calories and get that endorphin kick for exercising and doing something good. Get out there and push that lawn mower around for an hour and you will feel great!

3. Share with a Friend - Have you been tempted to make a delicious summer treat? Or perhaps simply a baked, loaded with yummy butter treat? If you are like me, plagued with craving everything I hear about or see, you need assistance. Yesterday I made my second batch of Butter Rolled Rolls (I will post this recipe in the next week...they are scrumptious) after realizing that within 24 hours, I had made over 100 rolls, I decided the best thing to do would be to drop a hot dozen off at a friend's home. My two birds with one stone were sharing, and me not consuming all those extra calories!

4. Watch my You Tube Clip - I love the YOU TUBE clip below this post so much that it gets me moving. So watch that clip, then flip on your favorite stash of bootie movin' music and jig around the house!


Peggy Eddleman said...

As the "you drew my lottery ticket!" recipient of the Butter Rolled Rolls, I have to say I LOVE THAT TIP! I'll be happy to help you out any time. ;-)

Makes me want to make a treat and share it with the kind person who left them steaming on my doorstep.

Thanks again!

JoMamma said...

I ran outside to see if the rolls were sitting by my door. Nope nothing was there. Now I see where they ended up.

Bobbi said...

I took your advice and mowed the lawn this morning. I debated on whether or not I should put Eden in the camping backpack for added resistance. I opted for putting her in the exersaucer on the front porch instead. It's a good thing I did because it was intense enough without a 20-pound baby strapped to my back! I'm dripping in sweat!! What a great workout! Thanks for the tip!

Bobbi said...

P.S. I got my vacation voucher in the mail yesterday! Yippee!! I've already decided what I want to do with it... I'm finally going to take my family to Disney World!!! I can't wait! Thanks again for the challenge and the reward!! You're awesome!!

Kirsten said...

Hi, this is Leslie's friend Kirsten. I check out your site every now and again to look at your photography, which I love. I was surprised to see the Weavers. He was our bishop here in Idaho Falls until they moved to WA. Small World!

Unknown said...

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