Thursday, May 01, 2008


Are you still reeling from the last challenge? Were you successful or were you left feeling unsatisfied? This is the month to kick butt...your own, that is. The weather is warming up and the summer styles are hitting the stores. It is time to GET FIT!

1. You earn points each day for the tasks you accomplish. If you don't complete a task in one day, you cannot finish it the next day and count points for the first day and the next day. So choose wisely and EARN, EARN, EARN!

2. You can earn multiple points on weight loss and exercise! For each pound you lose, you earn 2 points, for each 1/2 hour of cardio you complete you earn 1 point...thus, for each hour of cardio you complete, you earn 2 points.

3. You get a free day! to relax and enjoy without managing points.

4. If you have any other questions on the rules...simply email me! See contact info above.

Everyday you earn one point for the following:

Finish eating at 7:30 pm
5 fruit/ veggie
No soda
7 hrs sleep
Water 64 oz
No sugar
Clean your home for 1 hour
Read a story to your children/read alone for 30 min

You can earn multiple points for the following (for every 30 min. of cardio give youself one point, 1 hour = 2 points):
30 min cardio
20 min toning

Count points for weight loss only once a week. Total your weekly points and add in your weight loss points. Remember to give yourself 2 points for every pound you drop. HOWEVER if you gain, then you must add 2 points back for every pound you gain.
Weight loss (2pt)

SO, are you in? Reply in the thoughts to let me know if your in for this month's challenge. If you are new to blogger, you simply need to click on the thoughts link below to leave a comment...then follow the directions on the box that pops up.


Kirsten said...

I got your link from Leslie. I'm in. I didn't do it last time because I like sugar too much but I need motivation.

Kristen said...

Yay, yay, and triple YAY! I love it Erin. I'm so excited this time! What's gotten into me?? The first time was practice? I'll even count points, I think. I'm up, it's 4:35am, I have Turbo Jam in my DVD player and I'm so excited. I'm such a nerd.

Kristen said...

I love the points for reading. I sooo need to be better at that! And points for cleaning? Finally, I get something out of it! Cuz usually I clean and then turn around and it's messy again. So halleluiah everytime I get a point! :)

Just SO said...

Okay, I'm in. I NEED to lose some poundage and get in better shape before next month. I don't know about the no sugar but I'm LOVING the points for cleaning the house and for reading. Very cool.

Brenda said...

So I am in! I am determined to do better this time!

Bobbi said...

I have totally fallen off the wagon since the last's time to get back on! Count me in.

Leslie said...

I fell off the wagon and was crushed by the wheels last time. So I need to get back on and I'm in!

Natalie. said...

Ok girl. I'm in. Totally and completely. ew. I hate this already. :)

Brenda said...

This may seem dorky, but I made a spreadsheet to track my points in excel. That was my problem last time, keeping track. If anyone wants me to email you my spreadsheet email me at

gurrbonzo said...

You're an inspiration. I'm in and ready to rock now that this baby's outside of me.

Heather Brown said...

I tried my best last time and Im in again this time. Im gonna get my friend Kate to do it with me! Im moving to UT soon! I cant wait! Hopefully that wont set me back!!!

Queen Mommy said...

I'm in!
I made a spreadsheet too! ;) And last month I did horribly bad, so there is nowhere to go but up! :)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I am in. Now that I can walk I am excited to get fit.

Haley Hale said...

Count me in, too! I am excited to start it! Was May 1 the official start for this time around? Let me know so that I can get it in gear!

Ashley said...

I am in. Last time was horrible but I have more time and I am scared of summer and swimsiuts. The spread sheets are a great idea!

i'm erin. said...

Hi All! May 1st is our starting date, so you should have started already...if you are slow going, that is ok, jump in now.

If you need a spread sheet to keep your points, read the comments above, Brenda has come up with an excellent one!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

This sounds great!

So I found this great candy bar called Chocolate Truffle cake by Lindt. It is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten and only 250 calories per 3 squares...Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

wait...should I have kept my comments to myself?

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

joking.....I'm in!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

Count me in! I probably won't do as well as I did last month but I'm up for the challenge!

Just SO said...

Hey I do have a couple of questions.

On the 30 min cardio/20 min toning. Do you get one point for each or 1 point together?

AND on the no sugar. There is sugar in practically everything. Are we talking NO sugar whatsoever? Or just like no sweets, candy type no sugar?

Thanks for your time :)

i'm erin. said...

HI, Update:

You get one point for each: 1 point for 20 min of toning, and 1 point for 30 min of cardio...

Sugar: Ok, so the deal is no excess sugar like candy, cake, cookies, icecream, junk, etc. However I would also say any serving of anything that has more than 13 grams of sugar in it is TOO MUCH and would count as you eating sugar for the day.

I hope that clears everything up!

Mariko said...

I'm in, since I saw the post early enough this time!

Mariko said...

Erin, do you get a point for doing either of the "/" items or do you have to do both?

Ticklemedana said...

huzzah! I'm totally in! I've lost 7 inches since the last one started and I cant wait to drop even more..and i'll be emailing you soon about the photo session! Everything is in bloom! =D

Unknown said...

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