Friday, May 09, 2008


*on a side note, if you have been wondering where I have been, see the posts below*

Need a great way to jump start your weekend? Follow these Five Fabulous tips for Friday to kick your Fitness plan into weekend shape!

1. Feel the Weekend Breeze. Get out there and take a sunset walk tonight. Not only will you love the fresh smell of spring's outdoors, but you will rev up your calorie burning system to help beat the weekend bulge.

2. Eat PANCAKES! Hooray for wholewheat healthy pancakes. Here is a recipe I have developed to help me through those weekends where the kids want piles of pancakes loaded with syrup. I make these healthy pancakes, and the kids are always asking for more! Click the link below to find out about this rockin' recipe!

3. Go Yardsaling. The best way to not munch, graze or snack all day is to get busy. When I have my sights on yardsaling, nothing else can detract from that laser beam of thought. Save some money, and save a few calories too!

4. Buy Shoes...ok, maybe this tip wont appeal to you, but it certainly works for me. How does a new outfit make you feel? Great! I love the way a new pair of shoes hug my worn out feet and transform me from tired haggard housewife to 'EAT YOUR HEART OUT EVERYONE ELSE...BUT ERIN'. When you feel good about yourself you tend to make better choices for yourself too, but more importantly, you will be busy shopping all day that you wont have time to raid the fridge 20 times a day...and you will get the mall walking workout!

5. Beautify your Yard...No one likes to call this yard work, but come on, Spring has sprung and your yard is begging for a good weeding, planting and fertilizing. Not only will you be in the running for the city yard beautification award, but you will be burning calories!


Leslie said...

I have been following tip #1 lately - walking a lot. And I love it early in the mornings and almost to sunset. I'll have to try that buy shoes tip, hee hee!

SummShine said...

These tips are great! I am in on the fit tip challenge Erin. I need this to get back in shape. I would like to run a half marathon this summer if possible.

Ps Kate is in too.

Unknown said...

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