Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Hazelbakers....

I shot this adorable extended family last week, and FINALLY I finished the editing. Here are a few random picks from the shoot that I liked.

I love these last two! This couple is so sweet, I love seeing them around each other. I think the last picture truly captures their romance...hahahaha...


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Carterista said...

Love them, as always, but if you take a picture of my butt, I might just have to kill you.

Jessica Kettle said...

Hi Erin! THanks for your question. First, the clear lightsphere is better for groups. THe cloud is better for individuals or couples in more of an intimate setting, as the light is a bit softer. Also, I have read that if you flip on the little filter thingy that is attached to your flash already and then use the clear lightsphere, you get the same effect as the cloud.

Second, if you are not getting enough light with very high ceilings, keep your flash pointed up, and remove the lid. =) I think the best idea is to just play with it for a minute until you like how it looks! =)

P.S. your work is beautiful!! Love your style. =)

Unknown said...

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