Thursday, February 28, 2008


Why me? Why me? Why me?

You know the old adage, when it rains it POURS! Such is my life. The other day as I sat at my computer I noticed how unorganized my picture file was. Last year I made separate folders for each year and separated the pictures into those years, but I hadn't done that recently so I started clicking, pasting and moving files around. I have a laptop and a wireless mouse (thanks to my sister), but sometimes the mouse doesn't drag right and gets a little sticky, accidentally grabbing the wrong file. The mouse did this very thing and accidentally grabbed the entire picture file (with all 20,000 pictures that I have) and dragged it to the file below (games).
Crap! I tried to drag the file out of games, but the computer wouldn't do it, so I copied all the files, and pasted them back in the picture folder. But the problem remained that I had pictures still in the games folder and pictures in a picture folder. And for some reason, the computer also made a second picture folder. When I tried to upload pictures, it showed an empty picture folder. I would then have to search for the secondary picture folder. AAAGGGHHHH! I tried deleting the empty picture folder and succeeded! Now I only had one picture folder with all my pictures in it and a games folder with all my pictures in it.
Recently Mark had mentioned that we were running out of memory space on our laptop because of all my pictures, so I decided to delete the games folder because I don't have any games in it and I don't need two copies of all my pictures.
I clicked DELETE, and the computer replied by saying that the file was so large and would be permanently deleted, not just sent to the recycle bin. I clicked, OK.


It took me a few seconds to notice that as the files disappeared from the GAMES folder, they were also disappearing from the PICTURES folder! WHAT?!? Aggghhhhhh! I clicked cancel, but only in time to save 2007 and 2008...thus, all my pictures before 2007 have been deleted! What a Catastrophe. My memories wiped a way with the simple click of a devil button!
Have I ever mentioned that I HATE Computers! They are out to get me and I know it! Now that hindsight is 20/20, I admit that I probably should have stopped when I accidentally moved the PICTURES folder into the GAMES folder and waited until Mark came home. I admit it now, my computer is out to ruin my life.


Rach said...

So SAd, but be glad that you probably scrapbooked some of those lost years...that's a good thing. Still so sad.

Shelby said...

Erin, your computer disaster in Hawaii inspired me to back up all my photos on two sets of discs. Now I am prompted by this latest disaster to buy an external hard drive and avoid such a calamity. I'm sorry you are a magnet for computer catastrophes!

kellieanne said...

I have my pictures backed up on one set of discs - Two sounds like a better nights sleep to me. Oh Erin, you need chocolate.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

Oh Erin, that's so horrible! Go take a nice long bath and relax it off - then go burn some discs with ALL the remaining pics. I've done similar things in the past which is why we now have an external hard drive & I still burn my new pics to discs whenever I upload them, I'm rather paranoid about it now.

A. said...

Oh no! I really feel for you. When we got robbed last year and our computers were taken, it took me a bit to realize that ALL of our pictures were on there with NO back ups. :( So believe me, I understand you pain.

Just SO said...

ACK!!! I just about lost all my pictures since 2003 at the first of the year. I had them on an external hard drive and that drive crashed. It was scary. Ty was able to take it to work and extract the pictures though. I wonder if something like that could be done. Could you call your neighbor to the East and see what he knows about getting them back if anyone could work a miracle it would be him. (((hugs)))

Natalie. said...

Oh Erin. . . I am SO SORRY. I am so so so SORRY. I would have cried and cried. For hours. I am just so sorry. I am sick to my stomach for you. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Marcie said...

I am SO sorry! Your computer stories freak me out and remind me to get up-to-date on printing mine.

Unknown said...

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