Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Problem with moving...

...is you meet such wonderful people and then you have to say goodbye, and not just, "goodbye, I will see you later," but "goodbye, we might never see each other again and hang out like we used to." In that sense, it is almost like part of you dies when you move away. Eventhough when I loved living in Hawaii, I often felt sad like part of me was missing...part of me left in Utah. But now that we live here in Utah, I feel that same loss for Hawaii. I feel almost incomplete without my daily dealings with the beauty there, the rich culture, and especially my dear friends. When I lived in Hawaii I came across many awe-inspiring and unique individuals, and people that I feel as close to as family. This is my blog today to let you all know, that even though it is freezing-butt cold here in Utah and I miss the welcoming sun of Hawaii, I miss you all more! This next picture is my favorte shot of Miss Carol...such a funny funny lady...and very flexible!
Jackie, the beauty in red and white stripes will always be remebered by my boys for teaching them that "broccoli gives you stinky farts!"There is no better picture that could capture my bro-in-law: JASE!Rachel...my sister who stole my sweet baby girls from me and is raising them as her own...hahaha


Rach said...

The best blog I have seen yet, I love the photos...especially crazy Carol.

Natalie. said...

"Do or do not there is no try" is Yoda from starwars. . .my dad used to quote that ALL THE TIME! Hawaii misses you too sweet girl! SO MUCH!

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