Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life Cycle

On Friday, we attended a wedding reception and a good friend of mine had a baby. Within 24 hours, I got to take pictures of these two major life events. Here were my two favorite highlights from the reception: Shoes and Food!

This sweet baby is the 6th in his family. After being 9 days over due, this precious thing finally made his way into the world. I promised her that I wouldn't show his picture on my blog until she showed him on hers, so here are my obscure feet pictures of this baby bundle! Ok, I just sent off an email to my friend of pictures, so this picture shows a little more of what this sweet baby looks like, but the focus is still his feet...I LOVE FEET!


Natalie. said...

OoOOOOOooOOH! Erin The last one of that baby is SO SO SO darling! I am in love with it! NICE WORK! PERFECT composition!

Carterista said...

I want to kiss those feet!!!!!

Leslie said...

What cute photos! (p.s. you need to email me more of the ones of our kids and Troy and I, hint, hint) I love the bride ones too but I want to see the dress and cake!

Just SO said...

Great pics! I love the shoes one.

Haley Hale said...

I am a little behind in my comments, but I must say, excellent pictures on this post! I love the baby pictures. Promise me you will come out and take lots of pictures when my little guys get here...please??? said...

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