Sunday, January 27, 2008

did you know...

10 years ago...

I had just moved back to my parent’s home, after living in Hawaii, and then Provo. I was in the middle of the toughest semester, 21 credit hours of all 300 level classes, and I was dating a wrestler who only ever wanted to wrestle…go figure…

5 things on my to do list today...
1. Update my blog
2. Stay home from church and take care of the sickies (the bear and the hot rod)
3. Respond to a week of emails
4. Hunt down Celia and read her book
5. Eat dinner at mom’s

Snacks I enjoy...

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire...
GO SHOPPING…oh, and then after much thought…
Give 10% to tithing, pay off all my debts, support my family and then explore each continent.

3 of my bad habits...
1. Reading all day long so that my children and husband have to fend for themselves
2. Falling in-love with exciting new things to do with my life…I’m a hobbyist.

5 places I have lived...
1. Utah
2. California
3. Washington
4. Hawaii

5. England

5 jobs I have had...

1. Personal Assistant
2. Fitness Trainer/Instructor

3. Concession’s Girl at the Theater

4. Non-Alcoholic Bartender
5. Librarian’s Assistant

Things people don't know about me...

If you have read my blog, I am sure that there is not a lot, since I tend to spew from the keyboard, but one thing most people don’t know about me is I have a dreaded fear of aquarium fish…by the way, thanks Natalie for giving my boys fish for their birthdays two years ago…I am just now recovering.

Now, yes, this was a tag, sent to me by 'slacker mom', but if you want to follow suit, please cut and paste the categories on your blog, and share a little more about yourself.


Carterista said...

England?? You never cease to surprise me with your "colorful" life.
Post Script: The web address is

Shayleen Lunt said...

A hobbyist? I've never heard of that, but I like it!

Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

10 years ago huh? I remember those days like they were yesterday! I'm trying to think who wrestler boy was (I do have a pretty good idea)...but I'm also remebering a few other wrestlers, a trip to vegas, and many a Friday/Saturday dance night...ahh, good times, good times :) love ya! Tiff said...

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