Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If you read the post below, you will understand why this post is so late in coming. I have been too busy to blog my own posts, and clearly to busy to frequent others' blogs. I ventured out tonight in the blogging world, a little apprehensive to what I would find, and low and behold I found this revelation . There is a certain blog that I read often for its witty banter and playful commentary; unfortunately I have been away for so long. My return to Gurrbonzo's blog was like hitting the jack pot when I clicked on this link on her blog. Hopefully you will feel as lucky as I have!


Unknown said...
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SummShine said...

It looks exactly like a guy I used to work with, but obviously dressed up as a girl. It's ok though because I also have a bad case of diaherea now.

i'm erin. said...
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