Sunday, December 30, 2007

Everything Golden

"It's my golden birthday," I exasperated for what must have been the 30th time. Staring back at me a tight knit group of quilting crafting friends nodded their heads in understanding, accompanied with affirmations of, "oh, ok," and "uh huh." I explained, "I turned 29 today and today is the 29th!" Of course, they knew it was my birthday and that is why they had gathered together at my home. After overloading my emotional senses with the most thoughtful, helpful gift, a set of albums for my photography portfolio and two gift certificates to two of my favorite places in Utah county, we sat and talked about the day. Most of my friends had errands to run or shows to see, but one had the day open and I took the chance to invite her to double date with me and Mark.
Earlier in the day, Mark had called me when I was out to my annual omelet breakfast with life-long chum, and stated that he had finally decided where he wanted to take me on my birthday, to the movies. Being a little bit of a cinematic recluse, I only like to see movies at one theater. One of the smallest and outdated cinemas in Utah county, I love it because it is close to my home, the prices are still in a considerable ranges, and I often am one of maybe a handful of movie goers. Mark explained that the movie I longed to see was not playing there and he was forced to take me to see the movie at the newly built megaplex, that has overbearing stadium seating, reclining seats and droves of hungry cinema addicts. Although this new high-falutin cinema wonder world is not for me, I conceded to go because the woman sitting right behind my cozy breakfast booth kept shooting death stare daggers in my direction for what must have been my rude restaurant cell phone use.
So later in the day when we were preparing to go, Mark told me that Alecia, my very close, but bed-ridden pregnant friend was going to baby sit. I was very frustrated because I thought that asking a pregnant woman, who is supposed to be on bed rest, to babysit was rude. Mark explained that my parents couldn't because they had to go to a holiday party. So we had to impose on Alecia. I felt terrible. I even called her and apologized, but she said everything was fine. Feeling miserably embarrassed that we were imposing on a dear pregnant friend, I voiced my concerns to Mark, to which he just brushed them off. Ugh! He was acting completely impossible on MY BIRTHDAY...MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! We pulled up to Alecia's family's home and Mark and I unloaded our troops. We marched up to the door and knocked. I peeked around the corner into the large front room window and saw balloons decorating the room. Ohhhhh, I was steamed up inside. Not only was bed-ridden, pregnant Alecia babysitting for us at her parent's home, because they live right around the corner from us, but they were probably having a family party! I was utterly embarrassed.
The door opened and Cami, Alecia's sister greeted us with a down look on her face. "oh, no," she said, "today is not a good day for us to babysit." MORTIFIED, I stood at the door, steaming mad, I couldn't even turn and look at my dear husband because HE DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME AND NOW WE WERE IMPOSING ON SUCH DEAR FRIENDS. I could barely mutter an, "oh," when Cami swung the door open and every one in the family gathered around, amidst pink balloons and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Gifts: Besides the wonderful portofolios, the crazy lady at the omlette restaurant, and the surprise party from my dear, loving, wonderful husband and life-long wonderful friends, I recieved this crazy little stuffed muppet that sings the manuh manuh song (if you don't know it...look it up on youtube), and I got high school musical 2...that's right, I am not ashamed of my love for singing and dancing high school students.


Shelby said...

Erin-- I'm happy your golden birthday was such a fulfilling one! Especially since my golden birthday was back in '79, and I didn't even know that's what it was. Kudos to your family and friends for pulling off the surprise--you are not an easy one to fool, as we all know! Happy 29th, and more than 29 more, because 58 is too young to die!

Carterista said...

I don't get the manuh manuh puppet. Does it sing with that guy's voice? Maybe I got the wrong video.

A. said...

Happy Golden Birthday!! Ok - so I'm late with it, but it's still a heartfelt birthday wish. :)

You are so blessed to have so many friends and family members who lvoe you that much to throw you such a fun party. Wish I coud have been there.

Nikki said...

My children are running amok singing, "Mahna, Mahna" now. Well, the oldest is singing the pink muppets' parts, and the second oldest is singing, "Mahna, Mahna." Thanks.

Happy Birthday again! My golden birthday found me alone with my preemie daughter who just recovered from RSV and my anti-potty-training two year old while Danny was in training in Alabama. But I did receive a very lovely set of sheets. And I'm not bitter. not. a. bit.

If I'd realized in advance that it was your golden birthday, I would've sent something. But since next year will be a big birthday for you, I'll probably send something then. But probably not a singing muppet.

Haley Hale said...

Happy Birthday Summerill! We wish we could've been there to celebrate with ya lots!

Shayleen Lunt said...

What a great birthday. Too bad your hubby had to stress you out before the fun could begin! Happy Belated Golden Birthday.

gurrbonzo said...

I just now read this post as I have been gone, but hurray and happy recent birthday! I didn't know I got married on your birthday! I had my golden birthday this year too and those are pretty special, but holy moly, MUPPET golden birthdays are even better. Hope it was muppettastic. said...

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