Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aloha Oe'

Today in church we said our final goodbyes and gave our final talks. My talk was entitled Spritual Fitness: A Testimony Bootcamp, I quite enjoyed that topic...hehehe, and Mark spoke about having a firm and unwavering testimony of the Savior. After we spoke, the entire congregation stood and sang the Hawaiian goodbye song, Aloha Oe' and then came and gave us leis. As you can see in the picture below, George still has all of his on, but by the time the picture was taken, Henry and I shed most of ours.
We have absolutely loved living here in Hawaii and feel so fortunate that one of our dreams came true and is now another chapter in our lives. We have been able to see and do so much here with each of our wonderful visitors. We have grown closer as a family and especially closer to our Savior and our Heavenly Father.
I am sad that we are leaving the beauty of Hawaii, our close friends and especially my island family; but, I am equally excited to return to Utah family, close friends (pgwc) and the awe inspiring mountians of Utah. Please know that you are just as welcome to stay with us as you were when we lived in Hawaii.
If you are a friend that we are leaving behind in Hawaii, I want you to know how much we will miss you and the good times we had. The 10 things we will miss most are:
10. Papa Ole's (some of the best plate lunch on the north shore of oahu)
9. Turtles, turtles and more turtles...check out previous posts.
8. Malasadas (Hawaiian's Doughnut)
7. Swimming (ocean floating and swimming at friends...miss Maelita you better remember me)
6. Matsumotos (da best kine shave ice eva)
5. Filipinos...really, do you not remember the bathroom incident? (see older blog posts)
4. Kim stinky it is soooooo good!
3. Makapu Light house...where all your Hawaiian visions come true.
2. Spam Musubi (seaweed, rice and spam goodness)
1. Da best car is da beach cruiser (rust, dents and mold infested)


Carterista said...

Oh, Erin! I am so sad that you are leaving your island paradise! What an incredible opportunity it was for you to go home and share it with Marc and the boys. What I would give to live on the beach!! BUT...I would be a big, fat liar if I said I wasn't excited for you to be moving back only a few blocks from me!! WaHoo!!!!

Leslie said...

I'm kind of bummed you guys are leaving too because we were vicariously living through your island adventure. Now all I have to look forward to is shopping DI and Macey's when I come visit you in Utah.

Shelby said...

Erin--If I were one of your Hawaii friends I'd be sobbin' my eyes out right now!! But, since I'm a Utah friend, I'll be waitin' for a crazy BHM telephone message lettin me know you guys are here!

Shari said...

Can't wait to see you guys. Theodore looks so much bigger than Olivia in pictures, I want to see them together. It will be fun to compare. I am sad we never made it to Hawaii and will definitely miss the beautiful pictures of you guys in paradise. Love Shari

kellieanne said...

Fortune Cookie say: The sun will rise and set where your friends are. Kellie Cookie say: A sunrise and sunset is worth a peek no matter where you are. All the experiences in life are worth the living of it. I'm sooooo glad I'm on the welcoming side.

JayandCassandra said...

We feel your pain.... Jay is still home sick for Laie.

Haley Hale said...

I cried so hard during "Aloha Oe" but I am glad that you will be a little closer (in Utah). Love y'all!

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