Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Ride!

It seems that the rollercoaster life ride that we have been enjoying for the last few years has finally come to an end. Due to dramatic and sudden business changes in Mark's career field, our family will be relocating to Utah the end of August. Yes, I know that this announcement is contradictory to my previous post which noted we had a 92 percent chance of staying in the tropics; it seems the 8 percent chance of moving won the struggle. We are 100 percent sure that we will be moving to the mainland at the end of August. If you were planning on coming to visit the islands anytime after the end of August, we apologize for the sudden inconvenience this change might have on your travel plans, however, due to unforseen extenuating circumstances, Mark will be relocating to Utah Valley.

In other words: Mark sends his financial planning business through a company called Brookstreet. Last week a group of not-to-bright, risky brokers concocted a deal that essentially brought down the entire company because they overextended their business by about 170 million dollars (read up on this in business news)...anyways, Mark has to transfer his business to another financial firm...thus he will be now transferring to Utah. Not to worry, this doesn't affect any of his clients investments or portfolios, it just means that he will have to send his business through another firm. IT ONLY AFFECTS OUR SEMI-PERMANENT RESIDENCE!!!

In other words: Bye bye Hawaii, hello Utah.

In other words: If you wanted to visit Hawaii and stay for almost free (chip in on groceries and gas if you use my car) you need to rearrange your travel plans to travel in July because that is when I have no previously engaged house guests.

In other words: Plan your tropical vacation to visit sometimes Sunny Utah...our house will always be open to you there too!


Unknown said...

You know as excited as I was to visit you in Hawaii sometime, and I am even happier to have you coming back. We love having you and your beautiful family closer!!!

JayandCassandra said...

Well to be honest it's good news for us because we are more likely to see you... more often too!!

Marcie said...

I'm surprised because I thought that once you moved to HI, you'd never leave! Bummer that we couldn't visit you there, but we'll see you lots more in UT now with my parents living there. Good luck with your move!

Jerin said...

Looks like everyone will see you more in Utah, including the Yus. Welcome back!

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