Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hopping Fun Easter

On Saturday our boys went to the annual Gunstock Ranch Easter Egg Hunt. If you look at the field in the back of the first picture, you will see peoplw walking back in from the end of the Easter egg hunt. The hunt is widespread over a few acres of land, but there are hundreds of kids that participate. The people who hide the eggs spare no creativity when hiding the eggs, the boys found eggs under parking cones and cow patties. After the hunt, the ranch offered free horse rides to the children. George and Henry enjoyed taking pictures in front of the "bunny" horse (look close for his bunny ears) and riding the horses.
For the most part we enjoyed our morning at Gunstock ranch. I have to admit, I am a little competitive, so when Henry's little legs weren't moving fast enough, I helped in dragging him along and giving him helpful coaching. After I showed him the grab and drop (into the basket) manuever for speed and agility a few times, he turned to me and said, "ok Mom I got it, grab and drop, grab and drop." I said, "Good Job Henry you will do great." and he rolled his eyes and said, "I know mom." I guess he didn't need my friendly "coaching" so much.

Here are my two big boys on Easter morning. I didn't get a picture of Theodore because he was sleeping. The boys loved looking around the house for their baskets and then reading the love note from the bunny! The note mentioned their wonderful qualities...things that I love about them. Then we attended church which I thought was so peaceful and meaningful especially on Easter. What a wonderful Easter weekend. I hope yours was just as great and gooey!


Leslie said...

Wow - that Ranch hunt looks awesome! I should have come just for that. And the boys sure look handsome.

Nikki said...

What a fun Easter egg hunt day! And I agree with Leslie, the boys sure look handsome. I love their little vests. And it looks like they got some great loot! I think the bunny may favor warmer weather dwellers. :)

A. said...

What a fun place for a hunt. Not to mention free horsey rides! It's hard to imagine that sort of place on the island. :)

JayandCassandra said...

Boys, you look sooooo HANDSOME in your church clothes! Heartbreakers already, watchout Erin! You're going to have your hands full when they start dating! Ha ha!

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