Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dada da da its George SUPER-CITIZEN

On Friday our little George was awarded the Super Citizen Achievement for his kindergarten class. Each month a couple students from each class are given this special honor to recognize ways they have contributed to the class. George recieved this award for helping in the classroom and for excelling in his studies. We attended a school wide assembly to honor the Super Citizens. Each nominee was given a certificate and treats from the school. To celebrate George's achievements, we brought George candy leis, a granola bar lei and an orchid lei. Friday evening we had a celebration dinner with George's favorite foods: pizza (from Pizza wasn't that good), chips, and soda. We ended the evening with a movie, to which George invited two friends over.
We are so proud of George. It is so hard to believe that our little George is growing up so fast.
Here I am with George wearing my Valentine Red! (inspired by my sister Nikki...look at my shoes!!!)
Here is Mark, George and some crazed lady in the background...

Here is George with a few of his classmates. Apparently the little boy in the bottom right hand corner is not as pleased with the assembly as George was.


All Andersens said...

How neat. That is great. It's so exciting when your kids do so well and excel. Congrat's George!!

Nikki said...

Yaaa George! He looks so handsome too. :)

Pop said...

Well done George. We're so proud of you. You look really great in the pictures. It must be fun to be recognized by your whole school. Keep up the good work.

Jesse said...

Congratulations George!!!!

Leslie said...

Way to go George!!! That is so awesome and he looks so cute.

You know, I'm the citizen of the month every month around here but no one ever gives me an assembly or lei.

JayandCassandra said...

Way to go George!!! Wish I could have been there buddy, you're awesome!

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