Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some Good Reading

One of my goals this year was to read a new book at least once a month...what I hadn't planned on doing was completing all 12 of my books in the first month. But I am a feast or famine type of person. I love to have a binge reading session more than just slowly reading a little out of a book everyday. A great friend of mine told me to read the book Twilight but that book was already checked out, so while I was waiting for that book to come in, I checked out and read the following books. Next to each book I left my rating and a little bit of info about each book. If you have any suggestions on some good reading, please post it because I am always up for a good book.

1. Under the Nightingale Floor (I forgot the author and I already returned the book) This book is written in historical Japan and it is about a boy who loses his family and is taken in by a mysterious traveler. This book is excellent if you like adventure, mixed with a harsh honor code, and a little romance. I give this book a 4 out of 5 (some of the violence is a little too graphic for me...and there is a little bit of you know what...)

2. Uglies by Scott Westerfield (I think that is the author...I am not looking at the book) READ THIS BOOK....READ THIS BOOK...READ THIS BOOK...READ THIS BOOK....
I absolutely loved this book. Although the book is more than 400 pages, it is an engaging quick read. This book is so great, I am not going to spoil it and try to sum it up. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE: Read this book!!! 5 out of 5

3. Once upon a Marigold (sorry forgot the author again) This book was quick to read, it is a cross between a fairytale and a coming of age story. It was cute...but really it would be a perfect book to read for a 13 year old. I give this book a 2 out of 5 for an adult or a 4 out of 5 for a teenager.

4. Enders Game (Orson Scott Card) I have actually tried to read this book three or four times, but I was bored by the first 10 pages or so. Ok I finally stuck to it and once you get past the first 10 pages you wont be able to put it down. Parts of the book were a little too far fetched and dark for me, but over all I thought this Sci-fi novel was worth the day of reading. (4 out of 5)

That is my book commentary for the week, if you want any more info on any of these books just e-mail me or post on my blog and I will get back to you. Then maybe we can start a little online book group!


A. said...

I'm like you; feast or famine. :) What types of books do you like to read? Novels? I enjoy informational type books o religion, children, and foods.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Ender's game was one of my favoritest books ever! I was going to tell you to read it until I saw it was on your list. Yay! You'd probably like Ender's Shadow too. Check it out! It's a little bit more fast moving, if I remember correctly. And I'm going to check out your "READ IT NOW" book sometime in March myself. Thanks for the suggestions!

Anonymous said...

You are so good- I don't know how you find the time to read so much with three little tykes!

Leslie said...

I could never get into the Orson Scott Card books either so I don't know if I could get through that one. I'm going to try the Uglies one first if I can get it at my library.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin! I've had my radar out on UGLIES and all the sequels for a while. Now I can't wait to get ahold of them! Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to the library today!! (I want to see if they accepted my Firefly donation or if they found it too risque for PG!) tee hee!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark just called and I was in the middle of reading your latest on here. It was nice to hear his voice, it was great seeing you guys on the cam corder the other day.
Doug and I need to get one and set up a time to talk with you all once a week or so. Erin, this is a great way to keep up. You should have yelled at us all for dragging our feet for so long.
Oh, thanks for the book reviews, I will be going to the library in a little while. Hope to find one of these to read. But PG doesn't always have what I want.
Love ya, Carol & Doug

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Erin! This is actually Jessica. I am like you I feast on books and can read up to 5 a week. I would love to start an online book club with you. Thanks for the book critiques, I am always looking for something good to read. Have you read anything by Carson Levine? His books rock!
P.S. my mom says she would love a book club too. But she is a slow poke. <:)

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the reccomendations I have looking for good books. Unlike you however I cannot sit and read for long periods of time, and I am a slow reader. But I would love to hear more about you and everyone else is reading.

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