Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Last Project!!!

I spent the last few days organizing my home and remodeling some of the furniture. This first picture is a picture of our bedroom upstairs. Our upstairs is a loft, but one side is completely open and the other side has a door and is more private: our bedroom. I recently bought the large Armoir that you see on the left of the picture and the padded white chest at the foot of my bed. I found a great posting on Craigslist (this is one of my favorite websites). A military family moved here from Maryland and found that their new apartment would only fit 1/2 of their furniture, so he put an add on Craigslist and I found it!!! I purchased 5 great pieces of IKEA furniture for only $180.00. The Armoir and the white chest were 2 of the 5 pieces, in the next picture you can see two more of the pieces that I bought: a tall book shelf and a hutch book shelf.
This second picture shows the open area of our loft. We have turned it into our office/scrapbooking area. Now with the new bookshelves, we have a great way to organize all of our stuff!!!

And Finally, this third picture shows the remodeling that I did. If you remember my old post, the white furniture that you see in this picture used to be black with a shabby chic finish. I decided that since we were so close to the beach and the carpet was so dark, I would paint them white and change my accent colors to blues and greens. I did throw in the red pillow because I love red!


Leslie said...

Wow - you always find the most amazing deals. So what is Craigslist? I need more info!

Marcie said...
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Marcie said...

You always make your homes look so nice and cozy- you are great at decorating! P.S. I have browsed on craigslist before but never purchased anything there. I have seen nice pieces of furniture that friends have bought or even picked up for free! Your furniture looks great. :)

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

You can come decorate my lovely Minot dwelling. I'll even feed you and your yungins'. I agree your homes always look nice and cozy kinda like Pottery Barn/Martha Stewart.

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